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Education must continue amid the pandemic

Education must continue amid the pandemic

Ronald Tenio Salada

The Department of Education will officially start classes for school year 2021-2022 on September 13, 2021. This is the second school year that distance learning modalities will still be applied. It is simply because our fight against our invisible and fatal enemy is not yet done and our president is not yet allowing face-to-face classes to take place. Distance learning is a type of learning wherein there is a physical separation of teachers and learners during class. That is why, it is fitting to apply distance learning modalities this school year for the safety of learners and teachers as well.

Education is the process of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and others. It is an act or a process of educating the learners. In educating the learners, teachers are teaching learners not only with the different lessons found in books, but also the different lessons in real life. In other words, education is important because the learners are being developed for them to be ready to face the real world. Education is preparing the learners as they face many challenges of life.

Because of the usefulness of education to everyone, especially to the learner’s life, education must not be stopped even if there is a crisis taking place just like CoViD-19 pandemic. The education of the learners must be continued amid our battle against our unseen enemy which is the coronavirus. The education of the learners must be continued even though there is still the presence of threats caused by CoViD-19, it is because if the education of the learners will be stopped, the learners may tend to loss their interest and love for learning. The learners may tend to forget everything that they have acquired in school through the years. That is why, education must continue even if there is still the pandemic.

So, for education to continue amid the current test of time, different distance learning modalities are still used this school year. The kind of distance learning modality to be applied by a certain school may be depending on the school’s capability and locality. Whatever kind of distance learning modality to be used by the school, it is really necessary that everyone in that certain community must be doing his/her part in order to continue the education of the learners and to make the distance learning successful. Parents, guardians, school administrators, teachers, government officials, non-government organizations, charitable institutions, private individuals and all others should be helping with each other for the distance learning of the learners.

Unity is the most important thing that must prevail this time, especially that the whole world is still facing one of its toughest battles through the years. Let us all remember that in unity, there is really strength. If we are all united and helping one another during this time of pandemic, for sure we can make the distance learning of our learners continue and eventually making it successful this school year. Let us all support distance learning modalities since it is only the way that the education of our learners will be continued this time. Anyway, our learners still learn something even if it their education is through distance learning modalities.

So, let us all be one with the battle cry of the Department of Education which is all about the continuity of the education of the learners in the middle of our battle against the unseen coronavirus. Let us all be united for the sake of our learners who will be eventually the future leaders of our country. The education of our learners must not be stopped, but instead the education of our learners must continue amid the pandemic.