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Teachers face difficulties printing modules due to a lack of electricity

Teachers face difficulties printing modules due to a lack of electricity

Typhoon Odette was a powerful typhoon that wreaked havoc in Region VII, surprising residents who believed the typhoon would not make such a forceful landfall. As a result of Odette’s damage, many people in Visayas are now homeless, jobless, and famished. In the Visayas, poverty affects numerous provinces. Despite government and private sector aid, supplies and funds were insufficient to meet every family’s daily needs.

Teachers have already been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are still working hard to satisfy their students’ needs. Teachers’ plight has been made worse by yet another tragedy. Teachers are already overburdened dealing with the aftermath of Typhoon Odette’s devastation. Printing learning modules is one of the most difficult tasks for teachers due to a lack of electricity, signal, and internet connection, as well as classrooms that have already been damaged and collapsed, printers and student modules that have already been damaged, and insufficient supplies of bond paper.

The aftermath of Typhoon Odette astounded everyone, especially those who were directly affected by the storm. It was a terrible situation in which many teachers were temporarily staying in the evacuation center in order to rebuild their homes first. Food supplies are in low supply, and all essential requirements are rising as well. It’s difficult to see students who are homeless and use classrooms as temporary residences. Imagining Odette’s whole loss was so terrifying that it gave everyone nightmares. Only a few households have electricity, Globe and Smart’s signals are inconsistent, and the internet connection has yet to be restored.

Some schools have purchased generators in order to print school reports, modules, and other documents. The generators, however, are only good for three hours of use. How could the teachers print their modules in three hours? Each subject must have copies in order to be distributed to students on time. As a result, teachers are required to print throughout the day to ensure that their students have the exact copies needed for their learning.

The Department of Education should plan for school building repairs as soon as possible. Although limited face-to-face classes is currently encouraged, several schools are not yet ready for this phase due to classroom collapses and roof damage. Teachers have yet to recover from the massive loss. For all those who have been affected by the storm, this tragedy has turned into a nightmare. – Doki | Helpline PH