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VP Sara Duterte believes that basic education should be improved and expanded

VP Sara Duterte believes that basic education should be improved and expanded

Basic education in the Philippines means a thirteen-year education is mandatory by law. These thirteen years run from kindergarten up to grade 12, also known as the K-12 programme. After that, students have the option of whether to pursue higher education or not. VP Sara wanted to continue improving basic education now that she is the new secretary of education.

Photo: Presidential Communications

In a ceremonial turn over, new education secretary Vice President Sara Duterte thanked former education secretary Leonor Briones. Duterte said she will continue to study what needs to be fixed and improved in the basic education sector. Duterte first met with representatives of private education groups. She also said that she would help private schools that are having trouble staying open because so many students have moved to public schools.

According to VP Sara Duterte, they were discussing it during pagpapasalamat at pagpupugay. The orders of Secretary Briones were that the program this afternoon should be a very happy, joyous celebration. She wanted everyone to be happy, but surprisingly, I find myself teary-eyed with all the numbers in our program. I don’t know why, and I was thinking maybe it was because I feel a special bond with the secretary, Briones. Although we had not worked together, whenever we met in activities, she was always pleasant to me.

She said, “She was never condescending about all the achievements in her professional career as compared to me, a very young 44-year-old politician, and she was always generous with her advice.” So I feel sad. Parang namimiss kahit na hindi kami magkatrabaho, parang namimiss ko si Secretary Briones sa darating ko na trabaho, and I’m truly happy that she committed to staying on as a consultant for the office of the Secretary of Education.

She added, “Sa totoo lang ma’am, kanina, you were worried about the time that it was taking you sa speech mo.” I wasn’t worried. I was silently cheating you for being feisty and classy in your lecture to the entire Filipino population. Ang inaalala ko lang kanina talaga ma’am is yung tuhod at yung legs because if I were standing that long, hinubad ko na po ang heels ko.

VP Sara said, today, we will honor the men and women of the Department of Education who have stood firm and demonstrated great grit and courage in order to ensure that DepEd can always fulfill its mandate to Filipino children at the height of the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, headed by secretary Leonor Magtulis Briones. DepED adopted and implemented both the necessary measures to provide Filipino children with access to quality education. 

She said that ensuring that learning is unhampered and our learners are not left out, while also ensuring the economic welfare of our teachers and the non-teaching personnel working under the organization. Secretary Leleng is a force, and I am humbled and honored to follow in the footsteps of a much admired academic. Public servant, social activist and change maker. I would also like to acknowledge the equally devoted men and women who were our undersecretaries and assistant secretaries and who supported Ma’am Leleng in the last 6 years. Thank you so much.

She stated that when we talk about governance and public service, we talk about dedication, commitments, integrity, and selflessness. Pinakyaw na yata ito lahat ni secretary Leleng, at nagpapasalamat kami na hindi niya ito ipinagdamot sa ating lahat. Sa kanyang pangunguna ipinakita ni Secretary Leleng kung paano natin mabibigyan ng mas makabuluhan na tulong ang sector ng edukasyon sa pamamagitan ng pagtuon sa mga issue at mga problema ng mga kabataan at pagbibigay ng solusyon sa mga ito.

VP Sara expressed, Ma’am Leleng You have completed your mission, you fought a good fight, and we are all here today to celebrate the victories that you and the entire department of education have collected over the past 6 years of the Duterte administration. As you say, there are educational games, and we all saw how DepEd pushed for the full implementation of the senior high school program, which helped parents and students realize how important it is to give our graduates the skills they need to work in today’s fast-paced workforce.

VP Sara sincerely expressed her gratitude for saying this. Thanks to Secretary Leleng, thanks to this team, our public school teachers now earn more than their counterparts in the private sector. Indeed, you have broken a glass ceiling in Philippine education history. While the challenges emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic, Secretary Leleng has shown the brightest as a leader, an educator, and a Filipina who has a deep concern for the education sector and a love of the country. Secretary Leleng and the rest of the department of education never back down when there is criticism, public anger, or pressure.

She expressed her appreciation by saying this: When some sectors called for an academic freeze, the response was academic ease. It was a brilliant, appropriate, and timely response made with will, resolve, and foresight that our children’s learning was shielded from the adverse impact of the pandemic. When you said, “Education must continue, education must never stop,” it was a statement that defined the direction of DepEd under your watch. You soldiered on for the sake of Filipino children, and the entire department of education followed suit. As I work to become the next secretary of education, I think your courage, dedication, commitment, honesty, selflessness, and grace will inspire me.

And lastly, she said, “But I will also take the task with the reminder that we must continue to find ways to improve basic education in terms of access, equity, quality, resiliency, and governance.” To produce learners who can achieve their full potential as individuals who are responsible, skilled, knowledgeable, productive, and determined to achieve their dreams for themselves and for our country. We look forward to working with you as we take on the task of helping our children become our country’s assets.

VP Sara Duterte focuses on basic education in the Philippines. He wants high quality education for students. Education is the only way to get out of poverty. If all students continue their studies poverty will surely be avoided. So basic education must be improved for the good future of students. 

Students’ lives are significantly impacted by their basic education. This foundational education lays the groundwork for students to aspire to learn more. To maximize young people’s potential, basic education acts as a bridge between the interior and outer points of learning.

Therefore, for this school year 2022-2023, with the full support of VP Sara Duterte, basic education is well improved and the students will be given an opportunity to study with the use of high-tech equipment that can help the students’ advancement. Once this basic education is stabilized, there will be no students left behind. – Doki | Helpline PH