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To ban unvaxxed teachers or employees is inhumane

To ban unvaxxed teachers or employees is inhumane

To ban unvaxxed teachers or employees is inhumane, isn’t it? Regardless of the fact that we wanted to get herd immunity in the country, still it is a cruel move.

There were several teachers and non-teaching personnel who experienced this in Bacolod. To be exact, there were 13 personnel including teachers. They were still unvaccinated so they were not allowed to enter the school premises. 

We already know all the protocols etcetera and we also understood everything. Now, we will not go deeper into the situation in that certain school. I am only concern about the unfair treatment these unvaxxed individuals experienced. .

Here’s the deal…

School principals have the authority to check their teachers and non-teaching staffs. It is also their responsibility to make moves to assure that the school is safe and sound. It is natural for school principals to track the status of vaccination of their staffs. Yet, I can’t agree more on the move “to ban unvaxxed teachers or employees”. Like are you sure you are still human?

To ban means to discriminate other teachers and employees. It means depriving them of their right to choose. It means “cruelty” in the sense that they are not allowed to express their own decision. To ban unvaxxed teachers or employees is inhumane.

School Principals should not forget that we are still a democratic country. Fair judgment must always be the least they could do. If you are a school principal reading this, you must know how to handle the situations in a fair sense.

It is acceptable that you are only following the guidelines and protocols. It is understandable but can you not be so stiff with your principles? You are not protecting the right of your teachers, instead you are protecting your own. What is dignity if you can’t bend for your other colleagues? It is nonsense.

Act least, not all principals are like that. There are still 90% of the principal who has good heart and knows best how to handle situations. There are so many ways to tie a knot. There are also many ways to find solutions if your teachers have reasons why they don’t want to get vaxxed. You have to accept their decision as long as they can guarantee they have reasons. 

If your teachers die, will you be responsible for it? Will DepEd or IATF be responsible for it? It’s a hell NO of course. Vaccination is the key to our survival, or maybe not. If a person wants to get vaccinated, it is good. If he chooses not to, he may have reasons for it. Kudos to principals who know how to bend on situations like this. Those principals who understood their teachers more than anything, I salute you. – Alec | Helpline PH