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Abolish the K-12 Program: Is it a brilliant idea or risky move?

Abolish the K-12 Program: Is it a brilliant idea or risky move?

To abolish the K-12 program is one thing that is on hot-seat recently. Will it be a brilliant or a risky idea if the government will abolish the K-12 program? This idea caused a division and mixed comments among people. Which is which and why in the first place is that K-12 even implemented in our country though?

K-12 program’s purpose is to provide enough time for mastery of the learners. It should help them master concepts and skills and develop lifelong learning. It should also prepare graduates for tertiary education. This somehow is the basic goal of the K-12 program. Yet, was it achieved?

Recently, there were news that PBBM wants DepEd to do a thorough review of the program. Somehow, there is a rift among concerned parties about the matter. There is a division of opinions whether to continue or to abolish the K-12 program for good.

Most parents wanted to abolish the K-12 program for they have not seen any differences at all. It is then good that DepEd should review the program to determine its impact on the students. The implementation of K-12 was like a shotgun wedding. It was very fast yet we don’t seem to see any difference. The fact is that K-12 was a rush move.

Now, some parents and students liked the idea to abolish the K-12 program. Most of them realized that the old program still was the best since it produced quality students. The government is up to producing quality graduates and our country can do it even without K-12. To be honest, there were a lot more fruitful graduates before the K-12 program than today.

To abolish the K-12 program might have some risks but its benefits will overpower it. Many of us were products of the old program, we were not K-12 program graduates yet our batches slayed. The old graduates have the best products compared to ones who graduated in the K-12 program. I say let’s not make the lives of more Filipinos become more difficult if there is a way to make it lighter and easier. – Alec | Helpline PH