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Duterte wants to give transistor radio for students

Duterte wants to give transistor radio for students

President Duterte wants to provide transistor radio for students especially those who are living in remote areas so that they will not be left out in the Department of Education plan to implement an alternative learning program by August.

Duterte instructed the Department of Budget and Management to allocate funds for the purchase of the said radios which may cost P300 each.

The President is concerned that the lack of computers and internet access can affect the study of students living in a remote area.

He said that poor families cannot afford to purchase gadgets for their children to keep up with the new normal education.

On the other hand, DepEd emphasized that parents are not obliged to purchase gadgets since DepEd will provide printed learning materials to each student.

Duterte reiterated that his decision is still the same, there will be no face-to-face classes until the vaccine is available.

“As announced, schools will open on Aug. 24 but there are still no face-to-face sessions until we get a vaccine,” he said, noting he will not risk student’s safety above all.

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