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Teachers appeal for salary increase to the next DepEd Secretary

Teachers appeal for salary increase to the next DepEd Secretary

Teachers are appealing for a salary increase, saying they will be more effective at their jobs if they have one less problem to worry about.

In an interview, Merry, a grade school teacher in the Island Garden City of Samal, said it is a sad reality that they have to patronize loan sharks, both to make ends meet and for work itself.

“We tend to accept their offer because we also use it for classroom improvement and sometimes for the learners,” Merry told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Wheng, a public school teacher here, said some of teachers lack financial literacy and grab loan offers without realizing the high-interest rates.

“An increase of salary grade would greatly help. DepEd should also hire more competent teachers and allow early retirement for 50 years old,” she added.

Wheng said school-related beautification is one of the factors why teachers resort to loans.

“Not all materials were covered using the maintenance and other operating expenses budget because there are a lot of school concerns and priorities being addressed by the MOOE,” she added

Wheng said some teachers resorted to loans to buy laptops, printers, and other materials needed for student-learner modules.

“There is also internet connection that we really need. Another additional expense on our part,” she added.

Presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte, the incoming Department of Education (DepEd) secretary, has expressed concern about teachers who are deep in debt, especially to loan sharks.

“That is the sad reality for our teachers. I saw it when I was the mayor of Davao City,” Duterte said in an interview Friday.

Duterte pointed out that such a dilemma affects the quality of work.

“How can you expect the teachers to work religiously if they are confronted with such a problem?” she said.

Merry said aside from loans, a teacher also becomes ineffective when tasks outside of teaching pile up.

“The teachers cannot focus on teaching alone,” Merry said.

Sandee, a public school teacher in Davao de Oro, said they hope to do away with ancillary services and many reports.

She cited “Brigada Eskwela” (School Brigade) as a good project, but stressful.

“We are forced to shell out our own money during the preparation of our classroom evaluation,” Sandee said.

“We are expecting the next DepEd chief to address our concerns,” Sandee said.

14 thoughts on “Teachers appeal for salary increase to the next DepEd Secretary”

  1. Norinza Usman Pumbaya

    Please, don’t lower the age for early retirement. Iam now 44 yrs old and still capable of teaching.Iam struggling to be a member of public school teachers, when given a chance and Its so unfair to retired early.When I am in the height of exercising my beloved profession.Teaching is my life❤️

    1. My concern is that sana tanggalin na rin yong sangkatirbak na reports na palaging ASAP ang ka sunod. Maraming oras ang nasayang sa pag prepare ng mga ito at halos di na maka concentrate kami sa aming pagturo dahil sa mga papers works na walang katapusan. Sana sa aming school may registrar na siyang gumawa sa mga paper work na yan. 6 to 8 hours ang contact time namin sa students tapos idagdag pa ang oras sa paper works aabot ng 10 to 12 hours kami sa school. Idagdag pa ang online reporting na walang signal sa lugar namin di makatulog dahil sa gabi lang may maayos na signal para masend ang mga emails nmin. Hirap talaga. Puno din kami sa loan dahil
      personal naming pera ang ginamit para sa pagpaganda ng classroom lalo na sa panahon ng Brigada Eskwela o kaya pag may evaluation sa school. Kaya hirap na hirap si teacher.

    2. If age of retirement lowers to 56/55, you can still teach up to age 65 if you chose to do so. It doesn’t mean that you will force to stop teaching at age 55.

  2. Maritess Lunag Bahiwag

    I’m not sure on what to write or comment, but my only concern is that I hope matanggal na ang palakasan system sa Department of Education wherein kung wala kang kamag anak sa Division office, mahirap mabigyan ng item. I have submitted my application since 2016 and my name had been in the RQA for almost 6 years pero laging natatabunan application ko ng mga younger applicants. I’m now 49 years old and I almost lost hope in getting a job as a permanent teacher. Sana naman magkaroon ng puso ang mga nasa Division office.

    2. Buy LAPTOPS, PRINTERS, INKS , and many more
    KASI NO COLLECTION POLICY at mahihirap ang mga parents.

    1. Sana Ang mga teacher hindi na bigyan Ng ancillary services, dapat magtalaga ang school Ng gagawa Ng mga iyang sangkatutak na online report every quarters. Hirap na Ang mga guro sa pag budget Ng time nila payi sa Bahay dinadala Ang Gawain na hindi sana dapat, mentally and physically stress na Ang mga guro.. wla na ring time sa family bonding… Kaya Minsan iniiwanan nlang Ng kanilang Asawa dahil wla Ng time..

  4. Merced Arroyo-Ansay

    What I want to abolish by the newly appointed secretary Sara Duterte is the IPCRF-RPMS! This is irrelevant and has no significance in our job as teachers!

  5. Please give salary increase at once, not by tranche. para ma enjoy at ma feel kaagad ang increase. A greater chance to pay some or part of the loans.

    1. Yeah really true, dagdag pahirap sa mga guro, imbis na mag gawa Ng visual aids para sa studyante wla Ng time kasi Doon na sa CO nakalaan, pinagpuyatan Ng guro Ng ilang Gabi at araw sa paggawa Ng lesson plan , PowerPoint instructional materials ,pag time na Ng CO bukya parin ni hindi kontinto sa CO Ang mga heads…

  6. I am teacher Jen, comment ko po hwag nmn sana napaka taas ang deduction sa gsis, yes alm ko n that’s our benefit when I get retire but ,that’s for near future, eh sa kasalukuyan need more salary to sustain the needs of our family for the studies of our children, for our personal gadjets that we are using daily teaching, they should dedust minimal amount only.

  7. I hope you consider hiring a non teaching personnel to do the paper works that the teachers shouldn’t be doing. Dapat si teacher focus sa teaching at hndi sa sandamakmak na paper works kaya na sa shock ang graduates ng education sa expected job nila na akala lesson plan at matuturo lang. hndi nila alam mas marami pang naka abang

  8. Sana,matanggal na po ang palakasan sa pag hire ng new applicant,kasi kawawa nmn ang mga applicant for teacher1 na walang backer sa hiring committee,kawawa nmn po. I do hope ma address po ang problem.

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