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Solon wants tablets instead of books for each schoolkid

Solon wants tablets instead of books for each schoolkid

Cebu City North District Representative-elect Cutie Del Mar said it is high time to consider full digitalization of learning modalities by providing a tablet for each learner instead of letting them carry loads of books.

Del Mar said allowing schoolchildren to embrace technology even while residing in hinterland villages where internet connectivity is usually poor, can be possible by providing them with tablets that have pre-programmed applications.

“Online learning is not possible in mountain barangays due to challenges in connectivity. So how (can) you expect them (to learn) if they don’t have a signal. You cannot talk about the internet there. And hopefully, we can fund so kids can have tablets that have control so that they cannot play games, download social media, and they can have everything in there,” she said.

Del Mar also said she believed that raising teachers’ salary grades will give a boost to the education system in the country

She lamented the low proficiency level of some teaching personnel due to the modest salary they receive in both the government and private educational institutions.

“Increase their salary grade from 11 to 14, then we will attract more teachers,” she added.

South District Representative-elect Eduardo Rama Jr., said amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, 90 percent of children have been found to have “learning poverty” as those who are aged 10 years and below have a hard time understanding a simple story.

“I agree with (Rep.) Cutie. We do need to increase the salary of our teachers. If we compare, teachers in the Philippines have the lowest salary among the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian) countries,” he said.

1 thought on “Solon wants tablets instead of books for each schoolkid”

  1. for me mas ok ang books kesa gadget
    sure ba kayo na ung gadget is ggmtn sa pag aaral??ung mga pinahram n tab nga dati nkkta ko lng sa kalsada daladala ng kbtaan ung iba puro games ung download mas ok ung lbro pra matutu sila mg hnp at mg basa
    kadalasan ngaun kay google na umaasa ng sgot ..
    at isa pa masisira pa mata ng bata..
    kung sa mga college pde pa kasi kailngn tlga nila
    pero sa mga elementary at highschool
    baka puro tiktok at ml lng ung download nyan ..

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