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Teachers request suspension of DepEd order on work arrangements

Teachers request suspension of DepEd order on work arrangements

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) begged the Inter-Agency Task Force to suspend for the meantime the implementation of DepEd order that sets alternative work arrangements for teachers and education personnel in this pandemic time.

ACT sent a letter addressed to Health Secretary Francisco Duque, co-chair of the IATF, requesting for a review on DepEd’s health protocols.

ACT said that ever since DepEd Order No. 11 Series of 2020 was implemented, there are many teachers and education personnel who physically reported on duty.

The undersecretaries, assistant secretaries and regional directors implemented in their respective jurisdiction the said DepEd order while the country continued to face the threat of COVID-19.

Since the implementation of new work arrangements, ACT said it has received complaints that education workers vulnerable to COVID-19—such as seniors and pregnant women—were required to physically report to offices.

According to ACT, since the implementation of work arrangement, it has received several complaints coming from the teachers especially to seniors and pregnant women who are vulnerable to the virus.

Teachers were also tasked to disinfect schools and conduct house-to-house visits for enrollment, among others, ACT said.

“The reports show that the issued orders failed to protect, if not actually enabled the exposure of our teachers and staff to grave risks amid the pandemic,” ACT said.

“We are calling for the immediate suspension of D.O. No. 11 and putting all teachers and staff under work-from-home arrangements until adequate preventive measures are installed in worksites,” the group added.

ACT also said they found the health standards in DepEd offices and schools, released last Friday through an order, “sorely lacking the needed provisions” to ensure the safety of education workers.

The DepEd has yet to respond to the ACT’s letter.

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