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Strengthening Teacher Education a Key to Enhance Education System – Gatchalian

Strengthening Teacher Education a Key to Enhance Education System

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian stressed that strengthening teacher education is one of the solutions to enhancing the education system.

Gatchalian said the Teacher Education Excellence bill has been approved on third reading.

“The measure aims to strengthen teacher education”, he said.

“So in a nutshell, if the bill will be ratified and signed into law, that’s one of the solutions to strengthen our education system,” the chairman of the Committee on Basic Education, Arts and Culture said.

The measure seeks to make the Teacher Education Council a responsive coordinating body for the Commission on Higher Education, the Professional Regulation Commission, and the Department of Education, the main government entities involved in teacher education.

The measure will also realign pre-service and in-service education to improve the quality of teachers.

1 thought on “Strengthening Teacher Education a Key to Enhance Education System – Gatchalian”

  1. The problem of the Educational system in the Philippines is the new program implemented by the new DepEd secretary because of the new budget allocation . It should be consistent in the implementation of the program It looks like experimental method and curriculum must be focused on the child not on paper works as what the DepEd has done just like a propaganda but the truth is we are very behind and rank very low compared to our neighboring country.

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