Senators doubt DepEd report on 99% of students got passing marks

Senators doubt DepEd report

The Department of Education presented a report to Senate that 99% of students across the country passed the first quarter.

They also noted that more than 14.5 million students got passing grade. While, 126,000 students got failing grades.

Western Visayas ranks first with a 99.4% passing rate. Meanwhile, Cordillera had the lowest with 96.92%.

But, senators expressed doubt after DepEd showed the “surprising” report.

“I don’t even know how to interpret [these findings] that 99 percent passed, and almost no one failed even with the challenges of distance learning. Does this mean [the students] are absorbing and learning their lessons”, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian asked DepEd Undersecretary Diosdado San Antonio.

“Yes, if we base the interpretation on the grades, the learners seem to be learning”, Antonio replied.

Gatchalian noticed Antonio’s use of the word “seem” and how the Undersecretary didn’t “seem convinced” himself.

Gatchalian cited a more realistic result from DepEd in Valenzuela City. The data showed that students had an average passing rate of 48 to 55 percent.

“I am having headaches trying to reconcile the 99 percent you have and the 55 percent for Valenzuela“, the Senator said.

Antonio explained that the high percentage of passing marks may be due to adjustments to the grading system.

He also explained that students would just be tagged as “incomplete” to give them time to finish requirements instead of getting failing marks.

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