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DepEd suspends School-Based Management(SBM) validation activities

DepEd suspends School-Based Management(SBM) validation activities

The Department of Education has suspended the conduct of division and regional School-Based Management (SBM) validation activities.

The said moratorium was announced in DepEd Memorandum No. 75 series of 2022 signed by Undersecretary and Chief of Staff Epimaco Densing III dated Aug. 26.

DepEd said that “all ongoing and planned activities relative to the conduct of the validation process to determine the SBM level of Practice by the schools division offices (SDOs) and regional offices (ROs) shall be held in abeyance.”

“During this period, field offices shall observe a practice-based provision of technical assistance in lieu of recognition-based validation activities,” DepEd said.

DepEd added that SDO shall “provide the necessary technical assistance for continuous improvement of school practices and processes on areas identified as dimensions of school operations.”

ROs are expected to “extend support and trainings to their SDOs to enhance capacity in providing technical assistance to schools.”

Likewise, SDOs and ROs shall “strengthen and further develop their tools and mechanisms to ensure relevance and enhance the efficiency of the provision of their respective technical assistance.”

Meanwhile, DepEd noted that “schools shall continue to undergo self-assessment using the existing SBM tool with the purpose of identifying areas for improvement”, particularly in various dimensions of school operations such as leadership, governance and accountability, human resources and team development, finance, and resource management and mobilization, curriculum and instruction, and learning environment.

“This moratorium shall remain in effect until the new SBM policy is issued,” DepEd said.

14 thoughts on “DepEd suspends School-Based Management(SBM) validation activities”

  1. Conducting SBM validation is one way of assessing the curent situation of the school.This is to assess what went wrong,what went well and what to improve in order to uplift the quality of education.But,sad to note that SBM validation has many paper works to be done by the teachers and it it is inevitable that teachers who are assigned to do the task in enhancing and doing the voluminous number of documents find difficulties on how he /she could manage the class especially if he/she is a class adviser.
    Spending time to prepare the several documents could consume the time of teachers in teaching-learning process.
    Therefore,if his /her time will be consumed in helping the preparation of the many documents needed in the validation she could corrupt the time in teaching and he/she could not teach the minimum learning competency intended on that specific day …In order to uplift the quality of education let teachers not be disturb in the field of teaching let him/her consume the 6 hours in teaching and 2 hrs in preparing the different IMs and we can see the result.To much work given to the teachers will lesser the number of hours in teaching and it corrupts learning .Even we miss to teach 1 subject for a day it could reduce learning…
    It is much better that DepEd should find a way to make lesser the activities and paper works of the teachers in order that they could fucos in the teaching-learning process for the betterment of our eduction system.

      1. 100% agree. Teachers should focus on teaching and learning process. Lessen the bulk of paper works and reports. Thanks DepEd

  2. SBM is a law RA 9155 . Only congress can abolish or amend it. What Deped could do is to rectify its implementing policies so Teachers could be free from its volumnous paper requirements.

    1. Good day sir, you are right SBM is a Law under RA 9155- principal empowerment, but RA 9155 is not fully implemented, 9155 is principal empowerment NOT PSDS empowerment……. just saying

  3. Please Deped abolish this doesn’t help us anyway.
    This is just an additional burden to us.lalo na ngayong f2f .kung gusto nyo talagang matuto ang mga bata tanggalin ito.dto halos nakatuon ang oras ng mga guro dahil kung wala ka ding maipapakita lagot ka sa mga nasa taas,puro naman fabricated yung ibang document totoo lang.

  4. Congratulations for suspending SBM validation, Usec Densing. That’s a very good move to regain quality education…. Instead of preparing fabricated documents, mas maayo pa nga mag-andam og IMs para sa learning sa kabataan. Makatabang nig dako labi na sa mga TICs. God bless DepEd.

  5. To much burden to teachers. The most important is to make all learners to become the Best Readers both English and Filipino.

  6. Let the teachers focus on teaching. Kulang na nga ang oras sa pagtuturo, and remediation activities may SBM pa. Better abolish it and think of better ways to improved the performance of the school. School management must be the responsibilty of tbe school head and not on the teachers.

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