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Sara Duterte to become DepEd secretary

Sara Duterte to become DepEd secretary

Leading vice presidential candidate  Sara Duterte-Carpio agreed to be secretary of Department of Education (DepEd) once elected, leading presidential Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. announced.

“I’ve already been authorized to announce the first nominee we will be giving to the Commission on Appointments when the time comes should I be proclaimed. That is that our incoming Vice President has agreed to take the Department of Education,” Marcos Jr. said in a televised speech.

“Tinanong ko sa kanya kung kaya nya yung trabaho dahil mahirap ang trabaho ng secretary of education. Pero nag-agree naman siya,” he added.

Marcos believes that Duterte agreed to take the education department since she is a mother looking after for her children. 

“Palagay ko kasama na diyan dahil she is a mother, and she wants to make sure her children are well trained, well educated, that’s the best motivation we can hope for,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Sara Duterte to become DepEd secretary”

  1. sana mabago lahat pati grading system
    at ung pag tuturo lalo na mga graduating
    ngayon.. at bumalik na sana sa face to face para matutu sila magpasa ontime mga bata ngayon matatapos na ung quarter wala pa napapasa samantlang dati dapt on time ka magpasa..

  2. Cynthia S Triumfante

    I am for Sarah as Sec of Education. My hope is that, the Education Department be overhauled. Remove the ‘Manok Ko System’. This happens kasi sa application, sa ranking, sa promotion, sa search for outstanding teacher, etc. Also, let us go back to the basic – reading, writing, arithmetic and GMRC. Yong pinapahalagahan Ang Filipino values. Alisin na yang IPCRF, RPMS, Monthly report, weekly report…Ang mga teachers Wala nang time magturo. I really hope the the teachers this time would focus on the child – academic and value formation. Minus all the paper works. Ibigay na yang paper works sa non-teaching personnel and administrators.

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