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Return School Start to June – Senator

Return School Start to June – Senator

Senate Committee on Basic Education Chairman Sherwin Gatchalian favors returning the school calendar to its previous schedule, changing it from the current start in August back to June. The senator made the statement following an incident during a fire drill at a school in Laguna, which resulted in the hospitalization of over 100 students.

Gatchalian pointed out that the school year’s opening was changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and now that the situation is returning to normal, it would be appropriate to revert the school calendar to its previous state. The senator explained that the previous school calendar is more logical as the summer season provides students with a chance to rest and spend time with their families, as well as coinciding with the election season that usually falls during the summer.

The lawmaker admitted that a gradual transition back to the old school calendar would be necessary but should still be done. Meanwhile, Gatchalian called on principals to be cautious and follow protocols when conducting activities during the summer season. The senator emphasized that no steps should be taken that would jeopardize the students’ well-being.