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Let LGUs decide on resumption of face-to-face classes — PBEd

Let LGUs decide on resumption of face-to-face classes — PBEd

Local government units should be given the right to decide if face-to-face classes can resume in their areas, Philippine Business for Education said on Tuesday.

LGUs know best the situation on the ground, PBEd President Chito Salazar said.

“The situation and condition on the ground are different, depending on the province, municipality, town. We should empower the local governments to make decisions regarding the opening of classes and how they should be run depending on their context,” Salazar said.

“In a pandemic where travel, communications and all of these things are restricted, it gets even more difficult for the central government to make decisions for the entire country in a timely and appropriate fashion,” Salazar added.

Meanwhile PBEd Chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. said that face-to-face classes can resume in areas that have zero Covid19 cases.

“Why not start, at the very least, with opening up face-to-face classes more aggressively in those areas?” Del Rosario said.

President Rodrigo Duterte still would not allow the face-to-face classes until the country has reached herd immunity against COVID-19.