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DepEd’s Laptop Boost: Puerto Princesa Schools Embrace Digital Education

DepEd’s Laptop Boost: Puerto Princesa Schools Embrace Digital Education

The Education Department has provided over 3,000 laptops to 77 schools in Puerto Princesa, with each school receiving 46 units to enhance the educational experience of students. On April 13th, the Philippine Armed Forces’ Western Command assisted in transporting the computers.

This distribution initiative is a component of DepEd’s 2021 Computerization Program. The Western Command’s Tactical Operations Wing West, 3rd Marine Brigade, and Headquarters Support Company contributed four military trucks to transport the devices from the air base to the Schools Division Office in Puerto Princesa City.

The Western Command has expressed its commitment to playing an ongoing, significant role in national growth and development, emphasizing the importance of education alongside peace and security.

DepEd’s 2021 Computerization Program

DepEd’s 2021 Computerization Program is an initiative by the Department of Education in the Philippines aimed at integrating information and communication technology (ICT) in public schools. The program seeks to enhance the learning environment, improve teaching methods, and better prepare students for the digital age.

Some of the main goals of the program include providing schools with computer equipment and other necessary resources, as well as training teachers and school personnel in the effective use of technology in the classroom. The program also aims to develop e-learning materials and encourage innovative teaching practices to ensure that students acquire essential digital skills.

By investing in ICT infrastructure and digital learning tools, the Department of Education seeks to bridge the digital divide and promote equal access to quality education for all students, regardless of their location or socio-economic background.