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Students participating in physical classes are learning better, surveys shows

Students participating in physical classes are learning better, surveys shows

A survey conducted by the Movement for Safe, Equitable, Quality and Relevant Education showed that students who participated in face-to-face classes are learning better than when they were taught in blended learning.

The survey was held to assess the implementation of limited face-to-face classes in 63 out of  the 13,692 basic education schools nationwide.

The survey, which ran from March 1 to 31, 2022 showed that 86 percent to 96 percent said that students were learning better compared in distance learning modalities.

Survey findings also showed that government funding and support were not enough, which revealed 59 percent to 83 percent of teacher-respondents to spend their own money to prepare classroom for school reopening.

The survey found that efforts for the implementation of limited in-classroom learning were school-dependent. This put into play the initiative and resourcefulness of teachers.

“There was an apparent lack of a systematic assessment to gauge and understand the extent and nature of the learning loss that was brought about by one and a half to two years of school closure, as well as an over-all guide on how to tackle the current education crisis,” SEQuRe Education Movement said in a statement.

“As such, while the country succeeded in resuming in-classroom instruction for about one-tenth of learners, there is a great need for ample government funding and a more evidence-based and comprehensive plan to expand safe school reopening and ensure that education effectively recovers from the crisis,” the group added.

4 thoughts on “Students participating in physical classes are learning better, surveys shows”

  1. face to face talaga mas ok
    pg online puro dayaan lang
    pag tntwag ni teacher ayw mag salita tamd pa gumawa ng mga activities..
    sana may screening sa next pasukan
    para malaman kung anu pa ba need ng bata
    at dapat improved.

  2. I don`t think you need a survey to know that. All parents know that! At school there is the “time “discipline, you start then and end at a determined time, there are no distractions as gaming at school, the students can ask questions when they do not understand something. ( Most parents can not help children for math, science and English!) . TV lessons just go on, they don`t stop if a student do not understand something. On line can be better if the student has descent internet at home – we had to install a special antenna 20ft high to have a reasonable wifi signal – not all parents can afford that -, etc…. 10% can have already F2F you write? I doubt this. In our region, after 2 years and after a lot of children re vaccinated, there is still no F2F. But I think that every serious student really is hoping to have F2F as soon as possible.

  3. Have a nice day everyone ❤️ I agree that students in face to face classes are better learner than modular or online class.So,if possible next school year must have a mandatory face to face classes,thank you for your immediate action.

  4. Face to face po para makapokos ang mga estyudante sa pag aaral at madisiplina ito ng husto kasi kadalasan ngayon mga magulang ate,kuya, ang gumawa ng mga activity, follow na lang sa mga rules and regulations for safety.

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