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Philippines Education Policy: DepEd Denies Allegations of Mass Promotion

Philippines Education Policy: DepEd Denies Allegations of Mass Promotion

The Department of Education in the Philippines has firmly refuted allegations regarding the implementation of a mass promotion policy, emphasizing that such a practice has never been sanctioned by the agency.

“There is absolutely no such policy in place within the Department of Education. We have not issued any directive that would permit mass promotion,” stated Education spokesperson, Atty. Michael Poa.

He further acknowledged that while there might be instances of such occurrences in the field, the agency is actively investigating the reasons behind them.

Justine Raagas, the Executive Director of Philippine Business for Education (PBED), disclosed that they have received unverified reports from teachers indicating that between 10 to 30 percent of students are not meeting the required competency levels.

Raagas explained, “We have heard from teachers that there is no data on this because it is not reported and the data is not collected. However, based on ground-level conversations, they tell us that 10 to 30 percent of their students who are in their class actually don’t meet the competency level.”

In an effort to combat the issue of learning poverty, PBED has proposed that students should be equipped with the skills to self-assess their academic performance. Additionally, they recommend reducing the workload of teachers to allow them more time to concentrate on delivering quality education.