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Sara Duterte Pledges to Eliminate ‘Palakasan’ in DepEd Recruitment Process

Sara Duterte Pledges to Eliminate ‘Palakasan’ in DepEd Recruitment Process

In a groundbreaking move, Vice President and concurrent Education Secretary Sara Duterte has announced a series of education reforms aimed at transforming the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines. These reforms are not just news; they are a testament to the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges plaguing the education sector. This article delves into the details of Sara Duterte’s education reforms and how they promise to bring about a significant change.

Ending the Culture of “Palakasan”

One of the most significant announcements was the end of the culture of “palakasan” in the hiring system within DepEd. Speaking before an audience of 3,425 teachers and personnel, Duterte emphasized that this system has long been a barrier for competent, deserving, and qualified applicants. The introduction of an automated system will ensure an objective selection process for hiring and promotion, thereby eliminating favoritism.

Easing the Workload of Teachers

Duterte also took the opportunity to address the workload of public school teachers. She announced a massive reduction in administrative tasks for teachers, cutting them down from 56 to just 11. Additionally, teachers were assured of a 30-day straight break after each school year, allowing them to recharge and focus on their primary role—teaching.

Financial Support and Legal Assistance

In a bid to provide comprehensive support to teachers, the DepEd is also in the process of launching a website that will offer legal assistance for financial loan contract problems. This initiative is part of the broader agenda to ensure that teachers can focus on what they do best: teaching.

The “Matatag” Agenda

The reforms are aligned with the DepEd’s “Matatag” Basic Education Agenda, which aims to address various challenges in the education sector, including infrastructure, curriculum, and support for teachers and students. The agenda is a holistic approach to improving the quality of basic education in the country.

Transparency and Accountability

Considering the huge cash inflow for upcoming projects, Duterte vowed to maintain transparency to avoid issues of corruption in procurement. This commitment is crucial in ensuring that the allocated funds are used effectively to address the sector’s needs.


Sara Duterte’s education reforms are a monumental step towards addressing the systemic challenges in the Philippines’ education sector. With these active measures, the government aims to ensure a brighter future for the country’s learners and educators alike.