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DepEd Release P5K Cash Allowance for Teachers on August 22, 2022

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DepEd Release P5K Cash Allowance for Teachers on August 22, 2022

This P5K cash allowance for teachers is so helpful. Although it could not incur the expenses of teachers, it was still a great help to defray teachers’ expenses. The P5K cash allowance for teachers should also be increased because all the prices of commodities are increasing and this P5K cash allowance is not enough.

The P5K teachers’ allowance will be released by the Department of Education on August 22. The Department of Education (DepEd) will give a P5, 000 cash allowance to public school teachers for the start of school year 2022–2023 on August 22. At a press conference, DepEd spokesperson Michael Poa said the financial assistance is intended to support the teachers’ return to classrooms.

“All the teachers will receive; it will be brought down to, I think, school divisions.” I’ll confirm it. But everyone will receive by August 22 the P5, 000 cash allowance (all teachers will get that. I think it will be downloaded to school divisions. “I’ll confirm that everyone will get their P5, 000 cash allowance by August 22nd,” Poa said.

Aside from the cash allowance, Poa said schools nationwide would receive supplemental Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) worth 3.7 billion in total to prepare for the incoming face-to-face classes.

This is to ensure that they have the complete tools, especially for the minimum health and safety standards to be observed like alcohol. It’s not specifically to ask them to buy face masks. It’s not like that. (That’s not it). It’s really for the MOOE. We’re giving them the flexibility to buy whatever they need,” he said.

He also raised the possibility of teachers’ salaries before 2023. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. earlier expressed hope for a successful resumption of face-to-face or in-person classes, noting that it will help boost economic recovery from the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

The return of in-person classes will boost economic activity in establishments near schools, such as school supply stores, retail industry, and the like, as well as on public transportation, according to Marcos. Parents will also have the opportunity to go back to work while their children are in school, which means an increase in workforce.

“When it’s successful, it’s not just back-school but back-business, back-job and back-development. This can also be said to be a huge help to our widespread movement of economic opening (if this becomes successful, it won’t only mean the resumption of classes but also the resumption of business, livelihood, and economic development. This would be a huge help to our efforts to reopen the economy), he said.

The P5K cash allowance for teachers is only a small amount compared to the expenses spent by the teachers on their classroom needs before the face-to-face classes. Hopefully, the cash allowance will be increased to P10, 000 the following school year. – Doki | Helpline PH

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