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Solon presses for No Vaccine No Classes policy

Solon presses for No Vaccine No Classes policy

Quezon City Rep. Precious Hipolito Castelo opposes the plan of Department of Education to open classes on August 24, but instead to wait for vaccine first against this deadly coronavirus disease.

Castelo said that based on the experience of other countries, all people are susceptible to the virus, especially young ones.

“I think that we should not hold classes in all schools until the world finds a vaccine against COVID-19 and it is available in our country. We should not expose our children to the virus,” Castelo said in a statement.

“We can wait until a vaccine is available or until this crisis is over to send our children back to school. We should play it safe for the sake of our children and even our teachers and other school personnel,” she said.

Castillo emphasized that around 40 to 50 — or even more — students occupy a classroom especially in public schools which will compromise physical distancing and it’s too risky. She added that there are also two to three class shifts in many schools.

“It would be hard for children to learn through the virtual classroom. Even we members of the House of Representatives are having difficulty conducting virtual sessions and communicating with each other due to weak Internet and communications signals,” Castelo said.

Vocational and technical education and training should likewise be postponed, Castelo said.

“Education is important to all of us, but dodging the virus is important as well. Education can wait, but the virus cannot,” she said.

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