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DepEd Needs New Learning Strategy – Lawmaker

DepEd Needs New Learning Strategy

Marikina 1st District Rep. Bayani Fernando filed a resolution pushing the Department of Education to use effective classroom teacher-student learning strategy for effective delivery of education.

Fernando said a new learning strategy is needed “to reverse the 60-year continuing deterioration of education in the country.”

The program will have a three-year continuing appropriations of P50 billion if implemented.

Fernando cited in House Resolution 2334 the recent World Bank report that showed that 80 percent of Filipino students fall below the least level of proficiency for their grade levels.

“The World Bank concluded that there is a crisis in education in the Philippines,” Fernando said.

Fernando suggested a strategy that might be helpful for the education sector.

“The production of the modules will not be contracted out by the DepEd and shall be done in-house employing the current best teachers and administrative personnel of the DepEd irregardless of rank and positions,” Fernando said.

The modules shall be designed in a form that can be shown in special monitor screens to be installed in each classrooms.

The department will have to install monitor screens for each classroom. The teacher and students will watch together the assigned module for each school day.

The modules can be revised when there are changes in the curriculum.

Annual evaluation shall be conducted for all students in all grade levels, the results of which shall determine the qualification of the teachers to remain employed.

4 thoughts on “DepEd Needs New Learning Strategy – Lawmaker”

  1. If that is so, there would be crisis of teachers in the country because there would be few left employed. In the secondary level there are a lot of students in grade 7 and 8 who are non-readers, how could we proceed to our lessons if they cannot read? Let the elementary teachers do their best in letting their pupils to read and write because somehow comprehension can be achieve in the secondary level.
    The proposal of cong. Fernando has many memos, orders, RAs and magna Carta for teachers will be stepped on. His prisposal should have a thorough understanding and study

  2. Most of these suggestions are quite relevant on the part of the quality of education and the educators but then again, the present problems of the system also include problems concerning other stakeholders like the parents with their learners. Problems hindering the achievement of goals from children who are not interested in learning may come from their parents who either have no time to support their children in teaching them because of professional problems and schedules, being illiterate themselves, or financial problems with having no money to buy gadgets or internet connectivity modems. Even the connectivity of internet can be a hindrance for both educators and learners. Any untimely weather disturbance, any holiday should be resecheduled on days of asychronous ones. The number of lessons which should be learned thru the MELCs should be congruent to the number of days per schoolyear including the number of summative tests or better yet include the presentation of summative tests on a weekly basis like on the day of asynchronous to mandate the child to attend the online class as scheduled so he can cope up with the lesson and answer the questions. Then the time schedule of each grade level should be quite similar to the schedule of lessons taught via deped on tv or radio if the child has gadget or internet problems. Synchronous like for kinder at 7 – 8am, Gr. 1 @ 8-9am so parents will not hesitate themselves on which child should go online having on useful gadget for 4 children’s usage. The health of the family members could somehow be a hindrance too. But there should be teachers who can monitor the progress of the child who studies thru this learning modality system because other educators will have a hard time to monitor both online class and the radop / tv. lessons which they themselves must watch and monitor the child’s learning progress plus amongst all the other duties and responsibilities with webinars in their professional development.

  3. Perhaps eradicating mass promotions will help produced competent learners who are armed with skills and competences that would enable them to meet the demands of their next level of education. Apparently teachers are not the main factor why non-readers are still evident in secondary learners..let us try to foind out the real score..Teachers in field are being burdened with so much work aside from teaching loads and that would semmingly a main reason why our country is still facing such perrenial problem.

  4. We just lessen the subject matter and master only the most important that would be a great help. For example MAPEH instead of learning all those topics why not let students choose from ART, MUSIC, and P.E to study so we can produce artists, musicians, and sports enthusiasts. Does not everyone need to enroll without any motivation?

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