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Students oppose K-14 curriculum

Students oppose K-14 curriculum

VICE President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio has yet to make known her plans for the Department of Education but already, students are debating about the K-14 curriculum that presidential candidate Walden Bello said will be the new curriculum.

Vice President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio has not yet made any pronouncement about her plans for the Department of Education. 

But many students reacted to the K-14 curriculum that presidential candidate Walden Bello said will be the new curriculum.

Students stand against to the speculation of extra two years for military training after Senior High School.

They said that the next DepEd chief should focus on improving the quality of education in the country.

Duterte-Carpio has yet to issue a statement about the K-14 issue.

She denied claims that she already has plans for mandatory Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

5 thoughts on “Students oppose K-14 curriculum”

  1. This is the problem when the leader of the land (which one kaya?) appoints cabinet positions to people who do not even know the history of education in our country nor world wide hence no idea of where we should go. People who do not perform DUE DILIGENCE in reading, researching before blurting out TRENDY SLOGANS with no basis do not have the capacity to be effective leaders. This is just the beginning. Meanwhile, all MSMEs and ordinary employees that keep the cogs and wheels of society and the economy well oiled will have to PERSIST amidst A WHIMSICAL AND DICTATORIAL LEADERSHIP.

    1. Kulang ka po sa reading comprehension, basahin nyo po ng maigi ang balita bago pumuna. Hindi pa po nagsabi si Sara na magiging K to 14 na ang Curriculum si Valden Bello. Thank you!

  2. in my opinion hindi po solusyon ang pagpapahaba pa ng taon ng pag aaral ng mga bata…quality ang importante at kung paano mapapabuti ang edukasyon sa pilipinas…

  3. Ano ba naman yan nahirapan na nga sa k12 dagdagan niyo po ng 2yrs pinapahirapan niyo lalo ang mga estudyante tanggalin nalang din ang college kong ganyan!!!

  4. Walden Bello succeeded! Spreading fake news! Nowhere has VP Sarah said that there will be an additional 2 years to the k-12.

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