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Gibo vows to improve teachers’ benefits

Gibo vows to improve teachers’ benefits

Former Defense Secretary Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro promised to support bills that aim to improve the benefits for teachers if he won in May.

Gibo emphasized the need to strengthen teacher support and address issues in education brought by the pandemic.

He added that the government should pay teachers fairly and provide better benefits such as suitable housing, excellent health care and performance bonuses, among others.

 “The quality of our education lies in the hands of our teachers, and the government should provide adequate support for them,” Teodoro added.

1 thought on “Gibo vows to improve teachers’ benefits”

  1. marami na ang nagattempt magfile ng bill hanggang ngayon di pa rin naapproved kahit na lang sa PERA na 2000 gawin na lang na 5000 kay dahil malaking tulong na ito sa mga teachers.

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