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PBBM Pushes for Higher Teacher Salary

PBBM Pushes for Higher Teacher Salary

In a recent move to uplift the education sector, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has directed the Department of Education to delve into potential avenues for augmenting teachers’ salaries. This initiative aims to benefit both teaching and non-teaching staff.

Vice President and Education Secretary, Sara Duterte-Carpio, elaborated on the matter, stating, “We are keenly awaiting the outcome of this comprehensive study. It will not only highlight the proposed salary hikes but also juxtapose them against inflation and forecasted economic indicators for the upcoming years.”

Historically, teachers in the Philippines have consistently advocated for a pay rise, aspiring to achieve parity with other government employees. Addressing this, Duterte-Carpio pointed out the existing provisions under the Salary Standardization Law. “Our educators have been receiving incremental raises as per the Salary Standardization Law, which is disbursed in tranches annually,” she remarked, responding to queries about public school teachers benefiting from Marcos’s electoral pledge of enhanced wages.

Both Marcos and Duterte-Carpio marked their presence at the “Brigada Eskwela” event organized by the DepEd at Victorino Mapa High School this past Monday, further emphasizing their commitment to the cause.