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Hardship Allowance for Teachers Assigned in Remote Areas Pressed

Hardship Allowance for Teachers Assigned in Remote Areas Pressed

ACT-CIS Partylist Rep. Eric Go Yap pressing for a bill granting hardship allowance to teachers assigned in remote areas.

House Bill 10523 or the proposed Teachers for the Barrios Act, Yap said the Covid19 clearly showed lapses in the system, especially in providing accessible quality education.

β€œOur teachers bridged and filled those gaps. Through producing and printing modules amid a state of emergency and personally delivering the same to far-flung areas, they were somehow able to heed to the immediate educational needs of their students,” Yap said in his explanatory note.

Yap said that the current system is not perfect, stating the hardship of online learning becomes plain as it is expensive and not as effective.

He added that teachers assigned in remote areas go through extreme lengths in looking after their students.

On the measure, all teachers assigned to far-flung areas will be entitled to a monthly hardship allowance equivalent to double the total expenses the teacher will incur every month in additional public transportation from the nearest capital town or urban center of the school where he/she is assigned, assuming educator goes back and forth to school daily.

The Department of Education, together with the Department of the Interior and Local Government shall issue the implementing rules and regulations of the act.

8 thoughts on “Hardship Allowance for Teachers Assigned in Remote Areas Pressed”

  1. Ma. Rosalie D. Billano

    Last Management Committe we was abolished and the mandate was from central office which before they lift that benefit from us teacher and school head they should at least see tha actual struggle before we reach our station.

  2. This year 2021 hardship allowance is so bias.. some teachers received thousands amount of the said allowance while other with same situations or should I say in a worst scenario are not.. traveling long distance.. crossing rivers is so dangerous most especially during bad weather but deped did not take considations on this…. Sa mga School na flood prone area ho at subra subra po Ang pag hihirap na dinananas Ng MGA guro na halos sa isang taon Hindi lang 1,2 at 3 Ang baha mar nararanasan.. nabubutas. Ang bulsa Ng mga titser sa ka iistructure Ng classroom at Ang page tawid sa ilog na halos buwis Buhay tuwing my kalamidad para lang e secure Ang mga gamit sa school ay Isa na Po pahirap.. Ang pag lilinis ng eskwelahan tuwing pag katapos Ng bagyo at baha.. sana Naman po kahit Hindi gaano kalaking halaga Ang matanggap Ng bawat Isa Basta lahat ay Maka avail..

  3. We too are shocked from the selection of DepEd Central Office that only those schools who are listed in the hardship index could benefit the SHA. In fact, there is one school in our district who receive it where it is located along the highway, a few kilometers from the town. We’re sad because we who are assigned in the far flung barangays always treated with hardships like flood, landslides, and even humors of war did not receive the said benefit. May God prosper the owner of this bill to be successful to compensate the hardship experience of some teachers. Mabuhay po kayo.

    1. Correct..Sana Lang isipin NILA Ang kapakanan ng bawat guro na NASA malayo…at Sana din huwag iparehas Ang matatanggap ng bawat guro ayon sa layo, hirap at anupamang buwis Buhay Ang pinagdaanan…tulad Namin..halos pabalikbalik namaing tinatawaid Ang ilog ng ilang beses…pahirapan pa sa tuwing bumubuhos Ang ulan…tapos yong malapit at halos walang kahirap hirap sa pagpunta at pabalikbng school,,parepareho sa natatanggap ng NASA malayo…paano na Lang kaming NASA teacher 1 position…mas Lalo kaming kawawa …Sana Lang mabusisi ng maayos…

  4. Not that I am against to those who had received thise SHA,but true ,this SHA 2021 is biased and I don’t know whom will answer this.I e-mailed to DepEd action Center regarding this matter since I travel daily to school by sea trip since my assignment is located in an island barangay,30-45 minutes travel time and 350-400 pesos is my daily fare back and forth, be it rain or shine,harsh or kind weather and yet I wasn’t included with these SHA 2021 because according to the SDO that I am serving l thru my School Head, all autonomous schools was not included in the list given by the central office though all Senior High School Teachers in our schoolbis in the SDO plantilla. The reply that I received from DepEd Action Center is that,I have to raise my concern directly to our SDO.πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜’

  5. Its so unfair for us who is traveling 36 kms per day though it is cemented but sometimes we are stranded on the way because of floods and landslide…we are passing every morning and afternoon the landslide prone area in our community…though our local municipal officials and our DRRM municipal issued us the certification … Only last year 2021 that we haven’t received the SHA …we also spend 200 pesos per day for our fare…Hoping that the Department of Education hear our sentiment πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  6. Kami din. Kasi Ang tinitingnan yong GPS na 11 kms. kong kalsada? Eh, nakasakay kami sa pumpboat almost 3 hrs Ang biyahe. Bakit ganun? Sana yong nga gumagawa ng ganun eh sunukan nilang puntahan Ang lahat ng area. Hindi yong puro tantiya lang. Unfair sa Amin na Nasa assigned area.

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