Half-day classes only for proposed face-to-face dry run – DepEd

Half-day classes only for proposed face-to-face dry run

Students would only attend a half a day class in school in the proposed face-to-face classes pilot implementation, according to an official of the Department of Education.

“The class schedules will vary between schools but the general rule will be that the face-to-face classes will be for a maximum of half-day only,” DepEd Undersecretary Nepomuceno Malaluan told the Senate committee on basic education.

“Because our decision is for learners to take their meals, their lunch at home rather than at school because it’s in the setting of taking their meals that some of the risks are increased.”

“So the students will have to go home—if their schedule is in the morning, to have their lunch at home or those that are coming for an afternoon schedule should have eaten already their lunch at home,” he added.

Based on DepEd’s presentation, a maximum of 50 schools per region would be allowed to take part in the pilot run.

Only one class per grade level in a small school can hold face-to-face classes; a maximum of three classes per grade level in a medium school, and up to five classes per grade in a large school.

A maximum of 20 students would be allowed per class depending on the size of a classroom.

“For smaller classroom sizes, 16 is recommended to maintain physical distancing,” Malaluan said.

According to Malaluan, this would only be implemented if President Rodrigo Duterte would decide to lift the suspension of the pilot run.

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