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Solon pushes free housing for public school teachers

Solon pushes free housing for public school teachers

A party-list lawmaker proposed a measure mandating the provision of free on-site living quarters for public school teachers.

Pinuno party-list Rep. Howard Guintu filed House Bill 1041, which aims to reduce the burden of public school teachers who spend long hours of travel to get to their designated schools, by providing them with free housing.

“This bill will address the problems of our public school teachers who need to travel through mountainous regions for long hours just to reach their designated schools,” Guintu said in his explanatory note.

He said it would be practical for the government to provide housing for the teachers to help them save on transportation costs.

Under the bill, the Department of Education (DepEd) shall provide livable and humane living quarters at the nearest possible location to the public schools free of charge.

“Providing a safe and livable environment for our public school teachers will help improve their employment and working conditions,” Guintu said. 

5 thoughts on “Solon pushes free housing for public school teachers”

  1. Thank you sir Howard Guinto for initiating this bill which is very helpful to us teachers. I hope and pray this will be approved the soonest possible so that we will not suffer from travelling from far places just to reach our work destinations. This will also help to augment our budget for food, bills payments, debts payments, different kinds of contribitions, support to our families etc. I look forward for thos bill to be approved immediately.

  2. Ferlibeth C. Paquibot

    Sir Howard Guinto, Thanks for your concern about the teachers. We are also suggesting free hospitalization for the public school teachers and their households & free annual physical check-up.

    1. Thanks sir Howard Guinto..We teachers are mostly are really in need of the opportunity of having a free housing..God bless po sir..

  3. Elizabeth D.Roberto

    please include health care program for our teachers ie separate lane for teachers check up in the govt.hospitals, free lab test, minimal or free special medical procedures/ mri,ultrasound and the like, provision for discounts in confinement…thus lessening the burdens of the unaung heroes of our country…the teachers

  4. Thank you for this bill. But sana may PROJECT din na tutulong sa mga teachers na magkaroon ng sariling bahay. Kasi nga may mga teachers pa rin na hanggang ngayon nangungupahan pa rin sa kadahilanan na hindi sapat ang kanilang financial para magkaroon ng sariling sa bahay… Sana may project ang gobyerno na tutulungan ang mga teachers magkaroon ng sarili nilang bahay. Like “PABAHAY SA MGA GURO” na pwede namin babayaran kada buwan sa eksakto at murang halaga… Just sharing. Thank you po.

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