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Why DepEd should focus on academic track and let TESDA work on Skills.

DepEd should focus on academic track and let TESDA work on Skills

Even there are a lot of good insights about TLE/TVL there are also good points on the other half.

Instead of engaging in technical vocational education (TLE), the Governor of Cebu has called on the Department of Education to focus on the academic tracks in the basic education curriculum.

Here’s why DepEd should concentrate on academic curriculum rather than Technical Vocation Education (TLE) according to Governor Gwendolyn Garcia:

Department of Education to focus on education because that is what it means by the ‘Department of Education’.

  • DepEd will focus on the academic performance of our students because we are not envisioning that our students will most of them be making dish gardens or become carpenters. We would like to see them excelling in academics because after all, that is the measure of excellence.
  • The province had low performance in the recent national achievement test (NAT). The national achievement test scores of our students were quite low. Could it be perhaps “daghan na kaayog activities pareha aning techno-techno unya wa pay labot sa sports.”
  • Elementary pupils need to undergo TLE subjects when they were still far from deciding if they would venture on academic tracks or vocational studies in their higher education. “Not to disparage those who would rather prefer to go for the skills ba kay di man gyud pareho ang tanan. But let us give all of our students the chance and even the challenge to excel academically.

The views of Governor Garcia about to focus academic track in DepEd are commendable but sharpening the skills of the student for the preparation of tomorrow is also excellent.

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