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The Alarming Decline in Student Enrollment in the Philippines: A Call for Immediate Action

The Alarming Decline in Student Enrollment in the Philippines: A Call for Immediate Action

The recent decline in student enrollment in the Philippines for the School Year 2023-2024 has raised serious concerns among educators, policymakers, and parents alike. ACT TEACHERS Party-list Representative France Castro has expressed her deep worry over the situation, stating that it is “truly disheartening” to witness a drastic drop of over three million enrollees. This article delves into the causes and potential solutions for this alarming issue.

Historical Context

Historically, the Philippines has seen a steady increase in student enrollment, growing by approximately 2% every year. However, the decline in enrollment was noticeable during the School Year 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there were signs of recovery in the subsequent year, the current figures are a cause for concern.

The Current Scenario

“As it is, the Philippine education system not only faces the challenge of learning loss but also the loss of three million learners,” said Castro. She emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the causes of this decline. The lawmaker also urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to prioritize addressing barriers that hinder students from enrolling, such as lack of access to technology, economic constraints, and safety concerns.

Collaborative Efforts for a Solution

Castro has also called for a multi-agency approach to tackle this issue. She suggested that DepEd collaborate with other government agencies, local government units, and educational institutions to implement effective strategies. “We cannot afford to allow this trend to continue. The government must take immediate action to ensure that every Filipino child has equal access to quality education,” she added.

Economic Factors

The decline in enrollment is not just a matter of numbers; it has economic implications as well. Families are making tough choices between savings and education, often opting for the former due to economic constraints. This is particularly concerning as education is a long-term investment for the future.


Why are students dropping out of school in the Philippines?

The decline is attributed to various factors including economic constraints, lack of access to technology, and safety concerns among others.

Why has there been a decline in college enrollment?

The decline in college enrollment is also a part of this larger issue, often attributed to similar reasons such as economic difficulties and lack of resources.

How many college students drop out every year in the Philippines?

The exact numbers vary, but the recent decline of over three million enrollees across all educational levels is alarming.

What is enrollment decline?

Enrollment decline refers to a decrease in the number of students enrolling in educational institutions, which can have various social and economic implications.


The decline in student enrollment in the Philippines is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention and action from all stakeholders involved. As Representative Castro rightly pointed out, the future of the nation depends on the education of its youth, and it is imperative that this issue is addressed promptly and effectively.