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Teacher caught on cam, cuts hair of student in front of class

Teacher caught on cam, cuts hair of student in front of class

A Department of Education official said there could be a violation in the viral video of a teacher cutting a student’s hair. 

Miss Trans Global 2020 Mela Franco Habijan shared a screenshot of the video where a teacher was caught cutting the long hair of a student inside a classroom and witnessed by the entire class.

Habijan reached out to her friend from the DepEd to confirm if the incident violated the Child Protection Policy. 

“Granting that this was done as a punishment, it is considered a violation po of the CPP,” the DepEd official said.  

“Parang na-overstep na ng teacher yung bounds of decency and subjecting the learner to ridicule. It may be both considered as physical and psychological abuse po,” the DepEd official added. 

Habijan renewed her call for inclusivity in academic institutions.

She said schools and educators must respect one’s gender expression.

“We hid the face of the teacher because this post is not meant to embarrass them. Rather, we are reminding teachers of their purpose to protect the kids,” Habijan said.  

“More importantly, we need to be reminded that a person’s gender expression (through hair, for this matter) must be seen as a personal choice and a reinforcement of one’s identity that builds his/her/their confidence,” she continued. 

“Education must have a safe, gender-sensitive, and motivating environment. Education is best practiced when it is inclusive,” she added. 

Recently, DepEd released a memo stressing the importance of a “gender responsive basic education policy.”

“We will be patient. We keep the faith in fighting for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in Philippine Schools. DAHIL WALANG KAHIYA-HIYA O KAMALIAN SA PAGKATAO NG BAWAT LGBTQIA+,” Habijan said.

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  1. Sir my name is gowhar bashir i am from kashmir anantnag i study in 9th class in islamia hanfia wakf higher secondary school. The teacher asks me to cut the hair and i said no he start beating me badly from scissor when he goes to principle the principle said me you are doing indiscipilne and gives me the leaving certificate but i did not do indiscipline while teacher was doing indiscipline not me and the teacher was using bad words upon me please help me

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