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Department of Education Unveils Comprehensive Plans for Teachers’ Welfare in 2023

Department of Education Unveils Comprehensive Plans for Teachers’ Welfare in 2023

The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines, led by Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte, has recently announced a series of initiatives aimed at improving teachers’ welfare. The announcement was made during the National Teachers’ Month 2023 kick-off ceremony held at Bohol Wisdom School in Tagbilaran City. The MATATAG Agenda, as it is called, serves as a roadmap for institutional reforms within the department. This article delves into the key components of these plans and how they aim to enhance the lives of educators across the country.

MATATAG Agenda: More Than Just a Slogan

“The MATATAG Agenda is not just a slogan. It is our roadmap to institutionalize reforms within the department. This includes the protection of your rights and the promotion of your welfare,” Duterte said. The agenda focuses on several key elements, including financial stability, work-life balance, and administrative support for teachers.

Financial Stability for Teachers

One of the major challenges teachers face is financial instability. To address this, DepEd is coordinating with the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to manage accrued interests or arrears on teachers’ loans. This step is part of a broader strategy to improve teachers’ financial capacity.

Work-Life Balance

DepEd is also committed to ensuring that teachers receive adequate rest and recovery time. After the current school year, teachers will be granted 30 days of uninterrupted rest. “We make sure that in this year’s school calendar, teachers will have 30 straight days of rest during the break without any DepEd activity that requires volunteer work,” Duterte noted.

Administrative Support

With the backing of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the Department of Budget and Management has approved the hiring of 3,500 Administrative Officers and 1,500 Project Development Officers. These personnel will be deployed in public schools to relieve teachers from administrative tasks that often distract from teaching.

Comparison with Existing Policies

According to a TeacherPH article, existing policies on teachers’ welfare include guidelines on teaching loads, classroom structuring contests, and rewards and incentives. The MATATAG Agenda aims to build upon these existing frameworks to provide a more holistic approach to teachers’ welfare.


  • What mechanisms are the most appropriate to promote the welfare of the teachers?
    • The MATATAG Agenda focuses on financial stability, work-life balance, and administrative support as key mechanisms.
  • What are the DepEd programs for inclusive education?
    • DepEd is continuously working on programs that promote inclusive education, although this was not specifically addressed in the recent announcement.
  • How much is the PEI for teachers?
    • The Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) for teachers is subject to annual review and was not discussed in the recent announcement.
  • What is the DepEd Education Development Plan?
    • The MATATAG Agenda serves as the current roadmap for educational development, focusing on teachers’ welfare.


The Department of Education’s MATATAG Agenda is a comprehensive plan aimed at addressing the various challenges teachers face in their professional lives. From financial stability to work-life balance and administrative support, the initiative promises to make significant strides in promoting teachers’ welfare.