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DepEd asks P800 billion budget for 2023

DepEd asks P800 billion budget for 2023

The Department of Education will demand for P800 billion budget for 2023, Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III said.

Densing said that the proposal will be tackled with the Department of Budget.

He said that a big part of the budget will be utilized for the teachers salary.

If approved, the P800 billion will be nearly 27 percent higher than this year’s P629.8 billion budget.

“The major investment should be ensuring that our learners improve in their standards, quality of education is key and part of this is really to improve the teaching standards or investing in the training of our teaching personnel specifically of our teachers,” he said.

2 thoughts on “DepEd asks P800 billion budget for 2023”

  1. To improve academic performance of learners teacher must have enough time to focus on classroom instruction and for the school head and higher ups have time to monitor if teachers are doing there primary concern or obligation as teacher which is teaching the learners. Provide the needs of teacher like increasing the salary and financial assistance from the goverment for the preparation of instructional materials.

  2. Yes! Salary increase in bulk!
    Loans freedom!
    ATM redemption!
    Automatic reclass promotion that the office should the one to undergo and done for the teachers are not having time to attend to because of the teaching dedication!

    More huge allowances incentives!

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