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End Teachers’ Abono System – Senator

End Teachers’ Abono System – Senator

Senator Robinhood Padilla supported a measure that will provide more benefits to teachers to end the “abono” practice where they use their own money to buy materials needed by students.

Padilla said that the Constitution decreed that education is the top priority of government when it comes to budget allocation.

“At ako, buong-buo ang suporta sa panukalang ito na ‘di po dapat talaga nag-aabono ang ating mga guro,” the senator said.

He praised teachers for being “second parents” of young Filipino learners but added that they should not make more sacrifices in fulfilling their duties.

“Paggising pa lang niyan nasa isip niyan ang mga estudyante na niya. Bago matulog yan iniisip niyan estudyante niya. Aba, pag-abonohin pa natin? Pambihira naman, napakapambihira na po niyan,” Padilla said.

“Lahat talaga na balakid, huwag na natin hayaang dumapo pa sa balikat ng ating mga guro,” he added.