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2021 Bonus for DepEd Teachers Released – DBM

2021 Bonus for DepEd Teachers Released – DBM

More than 920,000 public school teachers under the Department of Education (DepEd) are finally set to receive their long-delayed performance-based bonuses (PBB) for 2021. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has announced the release of a massive P11.6 billion fund for this purpose. This news amplifies the importance of performance-based incentives in the educational sector.

The Journey to Bonus Distribution

As of September 1, all 16 regional offices have released the corresponding Special Allotment Release Orders (SAROs) and Notice of Cash Allocations (NCAs) for the distribution of these lucrative bonuses to education personnel. The DepEd submitted the necessary documents for evaluation to the DBM from April to August 2023, showcasing their commitment to improving the quality of education.

What is Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)?

The PBB is a top-up incentive given to government employees, including teachers, based on their performance and contributions to the accomplishment of their department’s overall targets and commitments. This system aims to boost the quality of teaching and educational outcomes.

Challenges in Bonus Distribution

However, the PBBs for non-teaching personnel are still under processing. The DBM returned their documents to DepEd for revalidation or revision due to various concerns. These include duplicate entries, incorrect information on the months of service, and certain personnel not found in DepEd’s Personnel Services Itemization and Plantilla of Personnel, among others.

The Way Forward

“Once received, revalidated, and approved by DBM, the documents will be endorsed to DBM ROs for processing of the SARO and NCA,” the DBM added. This step is crucial for the timely distribution of bonuses and for maintaining the integrity of the system.

Historical Delays

Based on monitoring by the teachers’ group Alliance of Concerned Teachers – National Capital Region, DepEd employees typically receive their PBB after one or two years from the year it should be released. This delay has been a point of contention and calls for more efficient systems to be put in place.


The release of performance-based bonuses for public school teachers is a tremendous step toward acknowledging their hard work and contributions. While there are still challenges to overcome, this initiative is a win for both the teachers and the educational system as a whole.


  • Should teacher pay be based on performance?
    • This is a subject of ongoing debate, but performance-based pay can motivate teachers to improve and focus on student outcomes.
  • How would you structure pay to improve teacher performance?
    • A well-structured performance-based pay system should include clear metrics for evaluation, professional development opportunities, and incentives for high performance.
  • Should teachers be paid based on performance pros and cons?
    • While it can motivate teachers and improve educational outcomes, it can also be costly and may encourage teaching to the test.
  • What is extra pay for good teaching performance called?
    • This is commonly referred to as a Performance-Based Bonus (PBB).