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Mass Dissemination of Information on Self-Reporting For COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

Mass Dissemination of Information on Self-Reporting For COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

The Office of the Undersecretary for Administration (OUA) through the Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) enjoins all concerned to assist in the mass dissemination of information on Self Reporting for COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker, which may be accessed through the DepEd Mobile App searchable and downloadable at App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

This particular tracker aims to accurately gather information directly from DepEd’s vaccinees and personnel. The Department must take full advantage of the prowess and promptness of this tool, because through it, there will be no need for manual data collection and consolidation in all governance levels (i.e., schools, divisions, and regions). The said application automatically consolidates data and presents reports as soon as relevant information is collected from respondents. This also allows DepEd personnel to log back in and provide updated information on their vaccination status.

Further, the application can also generate reports per division and region which will regularly receive thru emails consolidated reports. Overall, this technology simplifies and lessens administrative tasks and minimizes inaccuracy and errors in data collection.

To ensure accurate monitoring results as well as the active participation of all DepEd personnel, kindly refer to the attached User Guide on Self-Reporting for COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker (Annex A) and Login to DepEd MobileApp  via DepEd Commons (Annex B) and disseminate the same.

Please consider that the information to be collected shall guide the Department’s leaders across all governance levels in making appropriate decisions and respond to the ongoing pandemic. Only with timely and accurate information can we provide appropriate solutions to DepEd’s concerns.

For all future correspondence, queries and concerns on this subject, please contact the ICTS through email at [email protected] and/or mailto:[email protected]

Read OUA MEMO 00-0721-0093 for more details.

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