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Balik Probinsya Program Application Process

Balik Probinsya Program Application Process

Deafening sounds of automobile horns, busy streets, traffic, pollution, and chaos, pretty annoying right? Whether we like it or not, that’s the current situation in Imperial Manila. Millions of Filipinos are suffering from traffic, lack of enough space conducive for healthy living, overcrowded public places, and many more. This has made manila a dangerous place for every Filipino in all walks of life. Because it is a very crowded place many people struggle to survive and many Filipinos who have plans on making easy money thought that it would be a perfect place for them to do their illegal plans like robbing and other illegal activities that generate easy money. This reality is scary but this is what’s really happening. Although the government is doing its best to protect its citizen, there are still criminal-minded persons who only want to get what they want easily.

The government wants to end the problems caused by overpopulation in Imperial Manila. Not only it will resolve the problems of ordinary Filipinos currently residing in Manila, surviving on a meager salary that the NCR  has offered them but it will also benefit those who are living in the provinces who are sustained by farming and SME’s or Small and Medium-sized Enterprise. Its main goal is to decongest Manila and provide equally good opportunities in rural areas.

Before we go further on the application process for the Balik Probinsya Program, let’s be clear on the definition of the Balik Probinsya Program.

Balik Probinsya Program

By the virtue of executive order 114 the Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-Asa Program (BPP) is promulgated and institutionalized by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. BPP aims to provide equity of development for each region in the Philippines. Its goal is to distribute funds and government support to different regions fairly and to provide equally good financial opportunities in rural areas. This means that the government shall support in provision for housing, education, job opportunities, and quality health facilities.

Balik Probinsya Program Online Application Process:

  • Type in in your browser.
  • Click Apply located at the upper right of the screen.
  • Fill out the personal information such as Last name, Middle name, First name, etc.
  • Fill out all the blank areas including the Other Information.
  • Select technical Skills and fill out details until part C Contact Person/s.
  • Answer the assessment truthfully by selecting Yes or No.
  • Click I agree on the agreement form if everything sounds good for you, then click submit.
  • Wait for an email or call by the BP Program personnel for additional instructions.

Balik Probinsya Program Baranggay Onsite Application Process:

  • Go to the nearest Balik Probinsya Center in your barangay.
  • Ask for additional information about the program in the BPP center.
  • The BPP representative will provide you a form to fill out.
  • Fill out the form and submit it to the BPP representative.
  • BPP representative will then evaluate your document/form and take your photo.
  • After everything is done, wait for additional instructions.

The Balik Probinsya Program is a brilliant move by the government but the implementation won’t be as easy as ABC. It will take a lot of sound decision making and deliberation to work out on the said program. Decongestion of Manila has been a long ongoing battle that still needs the cooperation of both the public and private sectors. If this administration will be able to pull this off amid the Pandemic crisis then they deserve nothing but praise. The government’s success does not rely solely upon those who are in the government seat but it also depends on our cooperation. – Karie | Helpline PH

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  1. Ma'am mama pag apply balik probinsiya stranded ako march,16 Hindi na ako uwi sa pamilya KO Sana matulomgan niyo ako para mkasakay maraming salamat cp number KO poh mam open I to.09124901184

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