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Good news! Latest update on the DSWD Educational Assistance Distribution

Good news! Latest update on the DSWD Educational Assistance Distribution

DSWD Educational Assistance is a great help for students and parents. Many families were struggling to meet their daily needs, for example, food, medicine, clothing, and education. All the basic needs are already increasing because even a kilo of rice is so expensive. Even if both the husband and wife have permanent jobs, their income is still insufficient. What about the unemployed parents?

Many students are putting in extra effort as working students to complete their studies. Parents also know that once they receive this assistance, they have to use it for their children’s needs for their education. Some parents, instead of using the DSWD educational assistance to buy school supplies or allowances, have to use it on vices like liquor, outings, or hair rebonding.

Parents must use the educational assistance intended for the needs of their children, especially for the incoming face-to-face classes. You must prioritize your children, like in 4 ps. Many children were members and benefited from this government program, but some parents did not use it properly. So use it directly for the needs of your children. The DSWD educational assistance is a great blessing for students who have nothing. This blessing encourages the young to pursue their dreams of finishing their education.

In the Philippines, education is the key to having a better life because Filipinos have a different race compared to other races, in which education is the only hope to overcome poverty because not all people are business-minded. Unlike other races, they are already oriented on how to run businesses. The other races could sustain their lives through business. Business is in their blood, whereas education is the key to opening doors of opportunity in life for Filipinos.

According to Sec. Erwin Tulfo, beginning August 20 and continuing on Saturdays August 27, September 3, 10, 17, and 24, they will be distributing educational assistance at the DSWD Central Office, while for people from the provinces, they will be distributing field offices along with other assistance under the assistance individual in crisis situation. 

What is this educational assistance that they will provide? This is DSWD’s assistance to those under the assistance of individuals in crisis situations (AICS). For students in crisis, they can use it for their study needs, such as school fees, school supplies, projects, allowances, and other fees. Who is the student in crisis?

Examples of those people are the bread winners in their respective families; working students; orphans/abandoned living with relatives; children of single parents; unemployed parents; children of OFWs; HIV victims; victims of other-abuse; and victims of calamities and disasters such as fire, typhoon, and earthquake.

For those who ask, how much is available in educational assistance? P1, 000 for elementary, P2, 000 for high school, P3, 000 for senior high school and 4,000 for vocational/college. Only up to three children per family can receive assistance.

So how will the payout for this educational assistance be received? 1. Visit the DSWD central office or one of their field offices, or send an email to [email protected] For those who emailed, first wait for the text confirmation from the DSWD that contains the date and place where the assistance will be taken.

For the requirements that must be met, those requirements include the student’s certificate of enrollment or registration or school ID. Remember, folks, wait for the text confirmation before going to the central office to avoid the rush. The DSWD crisis intervention division will open at the central office at seven o’clock or seven in the morning until all the callers are served these days.

In their field offices, they will open at 8:00 in the morning. Meanwhile, parents or guardians can receive the assistance of minors who are qualified students in the program. Those in vocational or college education can contact the five DSWD offices directly for educational assistance. 

A reminder that DSWD provides educational assistance only once or once every school year. This is DSWD’s assistance to students in crisis so that they can continue their studies during a crisis or emergency situation.

DSWD educational assistance is the only hope for young people who want to achieve their dreams. Youths are the inspiration in this country in order to overcome the crisis that many Filipinos are affected by. Let’s help the children build their own dreams. Let’s support the DSWD educational assistance by informing the parents and students under this category.

Hopefully, the DSWD educational assistance will not be deprived of its target students, especially those who will be the recipients of this assistance. Many students living in remote areas have no information and are far from the towns and cities. Parents believe that the processing of this application should be within their hometown because the transportation going to the city to submit the required documents is far from their residence.

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