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Teacher personal reaction on the video posted by vincentiments on having online class as the new normal way of teaching

Teacher personal reaction on the video posted by vincentiments

A day ago, I have watched a very upsetting video on Facebook that somehow is disrespectful to teachers like me. It was posted by a popular vlogger named vincentiments on their FB page and it started to call the attention of the viewers and most of all the subject of that vlog, the teachers. I cannot stand watching the video because it was disturbing and the way it was acted was such an exaggeration. The video was of negativities from the very beginning to the very end.

I understand that the vlogger only wanted to maybe relay some of the sentiments of the students that will be making use of the online class this school year but the portrayal of the situations was already too much. It was way an “overacting” thing. The one who portrayed as the student, I don’t want the way she delivers her speech through that video because it was way too strong and hyper and it is not good for the younger viewers. Though the video already caught the attention of the groups of teachers who wanted that certain video to be banned, it is still available on YouTube and can easily be accessed by those curious minds.

I am not being bitter here because I too am a teacher, but the fact that they were actually talking about teachers in the whole video made me sick. It’s as if they were trying to tell that we teachers are to be blamed because we will have our classes though online. In the video, I grasp that she was talking about teachers in the private schools because she mentioned about the different fees that all the students will be paying even though it’s just online, and she also said that teachers are not really teaching because they are just reading their screen over and over again that it made them, the students get bored. She said also that they were paying for the CCTV even though there weren’t CCTV installed in their school so perhaps she was talking about those in private schools but even then since she was referring to her teacher so it will affect the general and will include us who are working in the public.

In my own view, the vlogger really didn’t have enough research on what is really going on in the field of education. For the information of everybody, it is not only the online class that is available because we cater to the different modalities of teaching and it is through online, modular, or blended. Most of us in the public schools will practice the modular type and we have been very busy preparing all our modules in preparation for its distribution. It is not your teacher’s fault that we got this pandemic. This wasn’t included in our curriculum planning so we are trying everything not to hinder the passage of learning to our students that is why we have this. We didn’t need your sympathy for us teachers but instead, we need your respect. You may be thinking that it is easy for us to have this adjustment and change, well for you to know, we are also adjusting to this new normal thing. We also tried our very best to prepare everything for our beloved students. It is then your choice to enroll or not since you will be the one who has most of the complaints. Instead of complaining, why not try to think of measures on how you can actually help yourself. Don’t blame the teachers on this because we are just following the instructions given to us by our higher authorities.

Well, that video may attract more and more viewers and the vloggers earn from it, they earn from mocking and disrespecting the teachers. For those of you who have watched and will still be watching the video, it’s up to you to judge and if you have sane minds then you will not be influenced by that video.

(P.S. I have heard that they also made a “resbak” video on that which showed a teacher talking balk her sentiments which was posted a month earlier but I don’t CARE to watch it anymore. Enough is enough because we have heard what we needed to hear.) – Clea | Helpline PH

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