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Abolish the K-12 Program is not an easy decision to make, according to VP Sara Duterte

Abolish the K-12 Program is not an easy decision to make, according to VP Sara Duterte

Abolish the K-12 Program is the answer to all parents’ prayers. The parents are in favor of abolishing the K-12 program because their children graduated too late from secondary school. The K-12 Program is a nice program but needs VP Sara Duterte to enhance or improve so that the students in senior high school will be ready to face college.

Some parents of senior high school students are opposed to K-12 programs because they believe it adds two years to their children’s graduation. Aside from the additional 2 years, the tuition fees at private schools are also expensive. Books, wifi, and technology are scarce in public high schools. So, VP Sara is the only hope that the program will be improved or to abolish the K-12 Program.

What is K-12 program? The K–12 program, sometimes referred to as K-12, is an education system under the Department of Education that aims to enhance learners’ basic skills, produce more competent citizens, and prepare graduates for lifelong learning and employment. “K” stands for Kindergarten, and “12” refers to the following 12 years of basic education (6 years of elementary education, 4 years of junior high school, and 2 years of senior high school).

Students who participate in the K–12 program receive an extra year of high school. Six years of secondary education in various nations now follow the K-12 curriculum. Because this curriculum requires teachers to teach, the two extra high school years provide an advantage to applicants for the position. But this means that it is costly for the parents since some of the students have moved to private schools instead of staying in the public school system.

The push to abolish the K-12 program or education system is an issue that cannot be decided “overnight,” said education secretary and vice president-elect Inday Sara Duterte on Monday. Duterte said the proposal to scrap the K-12 program needs to be discussed.

“That is something that needs to be discussed.” It cannot be decided overnight, but initially, it is something that President (Bongbong) Marcos and I discussed, “Duterte said in a press briefing in Davao City.” Right now, Duterte said that Marcos Jr. assigned him to review the implementation of the K-12 education system.”

“He has given instructions regarding the review of the implementation of the Department of Education’s K-12 program,” said Duterte. In 2020. Said ACT Teachers Rep. France Castro that the K-12 “congested curriculum” is a failure, which resulted in Grade 4 students from the Philippines recording the highest scores among participants from 58 countries in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2019.

Meanwhile, Duterte’s camp previously denied that the incoming education chief was promoting the K14+ basic education program. So parents and teachers will wait for further updates about the K-12 Program.

The K-12 program is the only reason why many students are late in starting college. To abolish the K-12 program is the call for many parents. VP Sara Duterte already sees the difficult situations the students are in if she suddenly stops the K-12 Program. Perhaps, VP Sara Duterte and President Bongbong have a plan on how to solve the problem.

Teachers believe that when DepEd abolishes the K–12 program, the focus is only on grades 7–10 for secondary. VP Sara said that she needs to think about whether to continue to abolish the K-12 Program. Abolishing K-12 programs is not an easy decision for her as DepEd Secretary.

The students need sufficient learning so that when they reach college, the lessons are not new to them. Students need preparation for college because secondary and college are different. The most difficult lessons are in college, therefore VP Sara has to think first if she needs to abolish the K-12 Program. Abolishing the K-12 Program has great advantages and disadvantages. VP Sara knows what is best for the students; the teachers will only support her decision. – Doki | Helpline PH

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