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Teacher’s Reaction on the Viral Photos of Teachers who Gained Negative Comments and Bashes from the Netizens

On  October 5, 2020, marks the start of classes in all public schools and some in private schools also. Prior to the opening of classes, the teachers were really busy from here to there making all sorts of preparations to organize all the needed modules to be distributed to the students in all subjects. It was then that many posts on social media about the school opening popped up. 

There was a viral post from one teacher who went to distribute modules for his students but ends up swimming neck-deep water just to make sure the modules will be delivered. In the photo, the teacher swam and he raised his hand to protect the module. It was then that I realized that there was something off with the picture. Since most of the time, the captions from the links where the picture was posted will be click baits, so I run my own research on that certain picture. At first glance, you would really say that the teacher is only on to go viral from doing the picture because if you really think deeper, if you are that teacher why not put your modules in sealed plastic to protect it and why not use a boat to reach your destination? Then, as per research, the photos were intended for the vlog. Actually, the teacher is a vlogger so those pictures were taken during the filming of his vlog. That’s it. It’s never a matter of struggle since it was only for the vlog that he did that. It was even featured in KMJS and we found out that it was for the vlog that is why it seemed off to believe that. Honestly, teachers do have more struggles at this time but not the point of doing unnecessary things just for fame. If you are one of those people who somehow have read the posts, please be aware that the captions are mostly clickbait and the pictures as well to drag your attention. What happened most of the time is that we never click the real link of that posts, we always judge base on what we see from the thumbnail picture so we directly bash and comment on negative things without even learning the whole story. It is what really is common to us Filipinos. 

Another post that caught my attention was that of teachers on the roof trying to portray something about the internet signal. They were at the rooftop and trying to raise their cellphones and bringing with them their Wi-Fi connections and seemed trying to tell the viewers that they were in dire need of fast internet connectivity. The posts were really viral and it was re-posted in different social media pages with different captions and then again, those captions were just clickbait and as well as the thumbnail photos that made the teachers look “pathetic” in the eyes of those who are not well-informed netizen. Many negative comments were flooding saying that teachers are dumb to do that. I felt something and I feel that it is time that someone will give the bashers the real story of the scenario they only saw once without even asking if it was legit or not since the credibility of the teachers is at stake (who would do such a dumb scenario just for popularity and sympathy?). Since I was curious, I tried to search for the real link of the posts and it was not even something that is made just to make teachers look pitiful and dumb just like what the netizen are trying to imply in their comments. It was an intentional portrayal or dramatization by the school to call the internet owners for faster internet connectivity yet the netizen negatively react to this without even proper research on the real reason why this was posted. It is only through social media that they can reach the attention of the internet providers at this time that everybody needs more and fast internet access for the blended way of teaching. 

My point of view is that before we click on something on the internet or social media, we have to know first the source of which not to create chaos and commotion because of the fake news and the pages that are making use of our judgmental characteristics. We have to always think that more click baits are on social media and it’s up to us to be keener in commenting. Think before you click and stop jumping to conclusions without even knowing the whole story. – Clea | Helpline PH