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Students get suicidal in the new normal way of learning: Who will blame who?

Students get suicidal in the new normal way of learning

Let me get to the point on this issue. Most of our students in the new normal way of teaching/learning are all over the social media ranting over their online classes, their very slow internet speed, their never-ending modules, and activity sheets, and so on and so forth. Then, just recently were the news of two students committing suicide (one a college student, the other a senior highs school student in a public school), and then again, they linked the reason for their deaths to the online classes and the modules. People nowadays are always blaming school-related problems on DepEd and the teachers.

I may have to react on the issue itself because first and foremost, it seemed that the internet society is now really is very toxic that it contributes to the stress and add problem to the whole community. Whether we like it or not, all of us are affected by this pandemic, rich and poor alike. All students have to undergo the same path once and for all and in this time of the pandemic, no student is ahead and no student is behind, all of them are traveling the same path. All students have to undergo the “new normal” way of education. For those who are in the private, and in the urban areas, lucky for them to have internet access so most of them fall in the category of those who took the online classes, and for those who are in the public sector are mostly having modules and activity sheets. There is no problem with the necessary things since all teachers were hand in hand in the process of giving the necessary means in giving their modules to all the students (in the public), the only problem is that there are a lot of activities to be answered by the student in one week which I personally think is the main reason for the stress in some of our students.

The bulk of activities that need to be answered by the students in the DepEd setting:

  • We have to always remember that most modules are downloaded and therefore it came from the original source which is from DepEd central office since teachers cannot or not allowed to edit those files, then it will also be the same for all grade level all over the country (subjects like English, Filipino, Science, MAPEH).
  • One student will receive all the subjects combined (including TLE subjects and other subjects) which I think is the reason why most students complain to these because, in our modern setting, students were not used to doing this strenuous stuff since the beginning of the modern era for the educational system here in our country (kung sa tagalog pa, di na nasanay ang mga bata natin ngayun dahil pampered na sila ng DepEd at ng batas natin kaya marami sa mga studyante natin sa modern setting ay relax lang at di nakakaranas ng hirap at struggle, di gaya dati noon ang mga studyante ay talagang may training na tagos puso) and this pandemic is the shock that hits us now without any warning so, the students and even the parents and teachers are not ready for this, impacting big time on the side of our students.
  • It is, therefore, a challenge to DepEd, the teachers, the parents, and most especially the students as to who will adjust to our new normal way of learning. I think it is now the time to survive in these situations we are in.
  • For the teachers, make an assurance to your students that no matter how they find the modules still not to be stressed out by it and just enjoy what they can. There is no need for the students to squeeze their brains out. If they understood the modules then they can answer, if not then maybe just skip it and try to ask the teachers. There are many ways to contact teachers. Suicide is not the answer to everything.
  • For the students, don’t try to pressure yourself on your problems, try to reach out to the help of your friends, family, and especially your teachers. This time of pandemic is not the time to be silent, use your cellphones properly, ask your teachers for clarity, don’t just try to be silent, and be pressured with everything.
  • For the parents, don’t add to the burden of your student, instead be their guide. It does not mean you have to be the one to answer their modules and activities, you are there to guide and facilitate them.

We have to stop blaming others for the problems this pandemic has accused us. We can’t blame the teachers, we can’t blame DepEd for this. Who will blame who? It’s not the answer to all of the turmoil we are facing. This pandemic is new to us and therefore, all the challenges that may appear in front of us are just the left-over of this pandemic. For the students who will be reading this, your life does not depend on your modules and online classes, and you are responsible for your life so don’t take your problems seriously and reach out to your cliques and families if you find everything difficult.

Sometimes, social media can be toxic and most of the time it can be of help. It’s up to us on how to deal with everything that is on social media.

For everybody, stop the blaming game and let us all participate in the supervision of our youth. Whether we like it or not, our century now is far too different from before but we can’t do anything except to accept changes that may come our way. – Clea | Helpline PH

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