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Stop the Unjust Briones Slander

Teachers don’t just teach, they inspire.

This is how I picture and will always remember my teacher, Professor Leonor Magtolis Briones.

(Sharing this post of support for DepEd as an institution and for the Secretary of DepEd who did not choose the easier track of doing nothing in time of crisis. I’m proud of DepEd and I am with Sec Liling on providing a better alternative for learning continuity. The option we have right now may not be perfect, as we are all not prepared for this crisis, but our learners will remember the values of resiliency, grit, perseverance and collaboration because of DepEd.)

Stop the Unjust Briones Slander

We, at the Department of Education, continue to provide to all our Filipino learners access to quality education in ways that adapt, in ways that overcome.

The issue here is the virus. It has been keeping the world at a standstill. As pro-active and visionary workers of the state, we innovate. We build new bridges so learning may continue even in the most challenging times in our midst.
We are gaining traction. In fact, the first full school year of this Blended Learning is about to be written cover-to-cover in books only the brave men could write – with stories of hopes, successes and yes, some roadblocks that are well-documented.

We draw inspiration not only from those trailblazing initiatives that work, but also on things that we still can do better – given all the feedbacks and opportunities for change.

The module isn’t the enemy. It never will be. Our attitudes toward “change” is.

And putting all the blame on the Education Chief doesn’t reveal Sec. Briones’ character at all. It uncovers who we are as parents (and as school kids) and as members of this democratic state.

We don’t have to stop at every dog that barks. But “susunugin” qualifies as a grave threat. And it is technically plotted against someone as hardworking and as motherly as Madam Liling.
It isn’t fair. It never will be.

Credits: Usec. Analyn Sevilla, I Stand With DepEd