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Updates on the Release of SRI 2020

Department of Education Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla posted updates on the preparation, processing and release of SRI 2020.

Read the updates below.

Update as of Jan. 17, 2021

Dear DepEd family,

Before we start our work-week tomorrow, let me share with you some news about most common queries I got in the past week:

1. Service Recognition Incentive (SRI)- In the recent ManCom meeting,

a. Sec Liling has reiterated the need and urgency to recognize the “services of our teaching and non-teaching positions” by providing the maximum SRI that DepEd funding can provide. She said that the services that our workforce has done to deliver the blended learning approach is notable/remarkable and should indeed be given recognition.

b. I presented to the Secretary and ManCom members the criteria and conditions of the Administrative Order to grant SRI and gave the total pooled savings from personnel services (detailed share of regions and Central office to the pool) and the “modified or realigned MOOE funds” that DBM approved thru release of SARO. We are just waiting for the share to PS savings of one more region last Friday.

c. The total “pooled savings” that deped can generate shall be EQUALLY/UNIFORMLY shared by all eligible regular employees and is estimated to come up to a uniform rate of 5k to 6k SRI/employee. The final rate shall be determined tomorrow as we get the final total eligible employees for the entire DepEd.

d. The report has been approved by the Secretary and release of downloaded funds for SRI to regions shall start week of Jan 18. All regional finance officers shall be instructed to download same funds to the School division offices (SDOs) so this can be distributed to all eligible employees in its jurisdiction.

2. Salary increase for FY 2021 – Pending the issuance of DBM on the grant of salary increase for 2021,

a. The payroll for January 2021 shall still be the present or existing salary rate (per salary grade and step corresponding to the position as of Dec 2020).

b. Notice of Organization, Staffing, and Compensation Action (NOSCA) to effect the new/increased salary rate shall be processed and issued to each regular employee of DepEd once we receive the official instruction from DBM.

c. The increase in salary is EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2021, and the salary increase we should receive starting Jan until we are able to release NOSCA shall accumulate and become “salary adjustment payable” to employees. The salary adjustment due to each employee shall be given once there is instruction and funding cover from DBM. We should understand that there are processes for salary increase to take effect and pay at the beginning of the year.

d. The increase in salary is an assured benefit as approved in the budget law for 2021, we are just waiting for the circular and official instruction from DBM.

3. PBB 2019

a. Evaluation of the 2019 PBB eligibility of DepEd is still ongoing by the AO25 Task Force (DepEd is not the one granting PBB).

b. Per latest update we got, there is high probability that deped will be eligible to the PBB 2019. We are hoping that all (including the non-teaching positions) will be eligible for the grant.

c. Once there is announcement from AO25 TF that DepEd is eligible for the PBB 2019, DBM will release the PBB fund to each corresponding depEd regional office that has complete and validated PBB documents. The fund and release of PBB shall not anymore pass through DepED CO, it will go straight to our DepEd ROs for processing and release.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and are all ready/geared up to work for the week ahead. Let’s all do our tasks with might and heart.

Remember that our work will not be easy, but “IT WILL BE ALL WORTH IT”… as we see our part in this DepEd mission take form directly through all our learners and stakeholders.

Anne Sevilla
January 17, 2021

Update as of Jan. 13, 2021

(Query sent by Rodeleen De Guia- Mam annalyn good morning can we know if what month makukuha namin SRI.. po para po ndi na po magkaroon ng kung anu anong agam agam ang bawat isa .. siguro naman po u can give tentative months sampamamagitan ng mga due dates na ibinigay nio po sa bawat schools for pooling of funds makakapagbigay po kayo ng tentative months.. or date para matigil na din po ang different questions ng mga teacher salamt po):

My response:
“We received positive response from dbm today and they issued the SARO to deped CO already. The total amount though is lower than the target of 10B that we aim to pool, hence we will decide at CO to distribute this released saro from dbm first and STILL FIND ways to get funding source within DepEd to reach the 10k/personnel SRI.
Within the week, we will download the allotment to the regions, then regions will sub-allot to divisions. Processing of payroll will be at division/school levels. Thank you for your question, you got the very first and warm update today! 🤗👍”

Reminder – don’t expect 10k/personnel because our DBM-approved pooled fund is not that huge to reach the Php10B funding cover😬

Update as of Jan. 10, 2021

For all DepEd family members inquiring about Service Recognition Incentive (SRI), I already explained in my previous update

that there are a lot of conditionalities that DepEd has to comply with before the processing, release and payment of the same is made to its employees.

These are all indicated and/or provided in the Administrative Order for SRI.

I reiterate the following for a better understanding of what we have been doing and to ensure that we are not stopping from finding ways to make this SRI be a reality for all of us.

1. Amount of savings in Personal Services and other MOOE budget items need to be pooled and submitted to dbm for modification (since funds will be coming from schools, divisions, regions and central office, it will require time to consolidate and submit to DBM).

2. Modification of mooe to PS so it can become a source for SRI has to be evaluated and approved by DBM.

3. Amount of SRI should be “uniform” or same in rate for all DepEd employees.

4. SRI can still happen, and it can be paid to all employees but we need to do the right process and determine the total available pooled amount so we can also compute how much is the possible uniform rate we can give to employees.

5. Admin and finance units from all levels of governance of the DepEd are doing its best to pass all conditionalities and process them ASAP so it can reach you. Please watch this video recording made by a Central Office Budget staff (Gilbert Morong – so you can understand the process we are undertaking since Dec 29 until now. It meant sleepless nights, continuous meetings and consistent coordination with all deped implementing units and DBM partners (who are all very helpful and accommodating to our Department’s needs).

Thank you for all your understanding, patience and commitment to public service and quality education for all our learners.

-Anne Sevilla
Jan 10, 2020

Update as of Dec. 29, 2020

Dear DepEd Teaching and Non-Teaching personnel,

On this LAST and LONGEST working day of Fiscal Year 2020, let me give you some updates on the preparation for and processing of the 2020 Service Recognition Incentive (SRI) for eligible permanent positions and the 2020 Gratuity Pay (GP) for the COS and JOs.

1. Administrative Order (AO) 37 on SRI and AO 38 on GP were officially released on December 21 and 28, respectively. The DBM Budget Circular on SRI was released on December 22. The FB page of the DepEd-Undersecretary for Finance issued these AOs and DBM-BC for dissemination of the information and for the concerned individuals to comprehend the provisions of the said AOs.

2. Even if we want to immediately process and release the SRI and GP, there are procedures that DepEd has to comply with before we can grant the said benefits/incentives. Remember that DepEd is the biggest employer in the entire government/bureaucracy and we are almost one (1) MILLION personnel in total now, extensively distributed to various schools, division and regional offices, and the Central Office.

3. SRI and GP are both sourced from the “AVAILABLE savings or balance of funds” of the entire agency. Hence, for DepEd’s SRI of P10k each, we need a total savings of P10Billion pesos to generate. Your finance offices (from various levels of governance such as school, division, regional and central offices) are working very hard to consolidate and identify MORE funding sources to reach this P10B fund balance.

4. Coordination with DBM has been ongoing since the release of the SRI admin order and we thank the DBM for its support, coordination and cooperation to find ways for SRI to become a reality for all DepEd employees. Several letters to extend special accommodation to DepEd have been officially sent to DBM on this (please see the copies of the letters attached to this post).

5. What we can do now in DepEd is to use our remaining balances in the Personnel Services (PS) and also request for realignment or modification of available MOOE funds for SRI. Once DBM approves our requests, DepEd can obligate the PS fundings and pay for the uniform SRI pay next year, 2021. If the MOOE 2020 funds is extended for use until 2021, we can also use those funds for additional SRI until we reach the allowable 10k/employee.

6. We cannot compare DepEd to smaller agencies which can process and find funds for its smaller number of personnel. As DepEd family, we need to comply with the provisions of the AO and collectively accept the intention that we need to UNIFORMLY give to all eligible personnel.

7. We need your patience and understanding while we do the appropriate steps and processes. As DepEd family, let us still be grateful for the unexpected benefits we receive and let us please apply our teachings to our learners which are values on professionalism, responsible social media practice, teamwork and gratitude/compassion for others.
Salamat at huwag kayong mag-alala dahil ginagawa ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, sa pamumuno ng ating kalihim Liling Magtolis-Briones, na maibigay ang nararapat para sa ating mag kawani. Ang hiling namin ay intindihin muna ang proseso at ang pagsisikap ng mga kasama nyo din sa DepEd na nagtatrabaho para mangyari ang pagbibigay ng inyong benepisyo sa pinakamadaling panahon.

Maligayang PASKO at sana ay mas ligtas at manigo ang ating bagong taon ng 2021.

-Anne Sevilla