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Good News! Sara Duterte has a heart for teachers and a salary increase is her top priority

Good News! Sara Duterte has a heart for teachers and a salary increase is her top priority

VP Sara Duterte is the shining armor for teachers so that they will be given an opportunity to experience a lump sum raise in their salaries. Teachers are already known for their left and right loans. They are already surviving due to loans because, without those lenders allowing teachers to have their loans, they couldn’t survive the crisis in life.

The sole hope for raising teachers’ pay is President BBM and Vice President Sara Duterte. Compared to nurses, the military, firefighters, and the police, public school teachers earn less than those professions. Sara Duterte, who is the vice president for administration, needs to find a way to solve this problem. If this raise in pay were put into place soon, teachers would have been treated fairly.

Vice president and DepEd secretary Sara Duterte was urged to realize a reasonable increase in teachers’ salaries. The Secretary-General, Raymond Basilio of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers, stressed that they have been fighting against the injustice done to our teachers.

“We know that there are some limitations with the budget, but we’ve been doing this injustice to our teachers for several years already.” Recently, the Supreme Court upheld that the entry-level pay for nurses is salary grade 15 or P37, 000, “said Basilio.

“We have the same qualifications for our military personnel, their pay has been increased years ago.” It’s quite unfair for teachers who have the same qualifications and job description to be left out, “he added.

Aside from the reasonable increase in teachers’ salaries, Basilio urged the DepEd secretary to ensure that schools are ready to accommodate all students for the next school year.

The only hope for the teachers’ salary increase is VP Sara Duterte and PBBM. They serve as heroes for teachers because it’s been a long time since teachers were patiently waiting for the lump sum increase, but the increase is still so small. It is not enough to cater to the needs of their families. All commodity prices are rising rapidly, but wage increases are so small that they are barely noticeable. – Doki | Helpline PH