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Usec. Sevilla calm response to Vincentiments VLOG about on online class

Response to Vincentiments VLOG about on online class

A vlog went viral after it tackles about the cons on online class and criticize the continuation of education despite the pandemic. It gains several reactions and comments coming from the netizens.

DepEd Undersecretary Analyn M. Sevilla gives her share of reaction to the said vlog uploaded and owned by Vincentiments VLOG.

Read the full statement of Usec Sevilla response to Vincentiments VLOG.

Image credits: DepEd Website

“Kaya Pumasok Lalo sa Eskwela” kahit blended learning tayo, kailangan natin matuto….

Education also teaches “Freedom of Speech”, this we fully acknowledge. In fact, critical thinking and communication skills are 2 of the 21st century skills that our learners should acquire – in addition to collaboration and creativity.

We will not censor those who have the need to express something. But we should be able to discern what is real and what is best for us to continue our mandate, and that is to provide quality, accessible, relevant and liberating education.

It is also our right to express that we feel dismay and anger over the content and message of the Vincentiments VLOG (on online class) for its failure to comprehend other parts of the reality, particularly now that we are shifting the learning delivery modality from the usual face to face classes to blended learning. The institution and its dedicated teachers are in a very challenging situation now, but we are not surrendering in this fight. We need to continue to educate the youth, and we need to show them good examples on how to be critical thinkers, good communicators, and responsible, creative and effective collaborators.

We feel a profound sadness because the said Vlog was blind to the evolving education system. They were only able to express one way when many other significant ways exist.

DepEd is in its hardest and most challenging times now… no one was ever prepared to shift to the new form of learning deliveries in a scale we are doing now. With very limited time and resources, all our school heads and teachers are doing their very best to make LEARNING CONTINUE despite all adversities. That’s how deep the commitment and love of our teachers are for their learners. This is true for both public and private schools.

We thank all parents, guardians, national and local leaders, community members who work together to make this “bayanihan in action” happen. Mabuhay ang mga taong may malawak na pag unawa, bukas na puso at bukas palad na tumutulong. Salamat sa inyong lahat .

We thank those who have expressed messages of support to our TEACHERS. Let us give our teachers our utmost understanding and RESPECT… we pray for them and we love them.

Let’s help them do their task/mission .. and inspire them to do it with care and love. Kaya yan… Kaya ng teachers yan… we are what we are now because of our teachers.

Salamat po!”