DepEd Official to Teachers: “Put your heart in what you do”

Put your heart in what you do

DepEd Region XI Schools Division Superintendent Josephine Fadul urged teachers who work on materials used for radio and television-based instruction to love what they are doing.

“Even if you have knowledge and skills without the heart, you would always find excuses not to meet the deadline. In the end, it’s not the teachers who will be suffering but the learners,” Fadul said during the Division Training on Radio and Video Editing.

She further explained that DepEd opted to radio and TV to deliver lessons. This is because printed modules are not enough for every student.

“Only few teachers have the skill in converting lessons into RBI and TBI that is why we need you. We need more so that every school will have teachers who know how to edit,” Fadul said.

Fadul added that the teaching load of those teachers who work on TV and radio learning materials will be lessen.

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