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VINSET 2.0 participants should adhere to these 5 important reminders

VINSET 2.0 participants should adhere to these 5 important reminders

The opening of the School Year 2021-2022 is fast approaching thus creating VINSET 2.0. This virtual training for teachers and other participants is a must. Participants from other regions are attending the said training.

The DepEd – EdTech Unit is reminding all VINSET 2.0 participants of the following:

1. VINSET 2.0 is not mandatory. Participating in this training is for sure on voluntary basis.

2. VINSET 2.0 will be until January 31, 2022. Such a very long grace period. Participants need not hurry themselves because ample time is at hand.

3. EdTech Unit will not release attendance form online. Participants should be extra careful and observant in filling out online forms. Avoid clicking unrelated links. Enrollment to the VINSET 2.0 serves as the attendance.

4. ANSWERS IN THE QUIZZES ARE STRICTLY NOT FOR SHARING. Listen and learn through the speakers and pass your quizzes. This is the main goal of the training: To gain extra knowledge and skills which you can pass on during your classes.

5. Teacher participants will earn a One (1) Day Service Credit for attending the training. For the non-teaching personnel, they will have Compensatory Time Off (CTO).

The opening of classes is approaching and teachers need to re-charge their brains. The VINSET 2.0 is the pathway that will bridge the old and new information ahead. Teachers and all participants of the training will receive certificates right after. If teachers are struggling with the 504 gateway error, it’s okay. They have enough time to register until January 2022.

Teachers and all the participants of the VINSET 2.0 should adhere to these 5 important reminders. This training will give more insights and information from the different speakers. Every day is a new fun day to learn. Make use of this training and learn a lot!