How To Put Middle Initial In Your Virtual INSET 2.0 Certificate? (Step By Step)

    How To Put Middle Initial In Your Virtual INSET 2.0 Certificate?

    If you want to add or edit your name entry in your LMS Profile, please follow these steps.

    Step 1

    Login to the DepEd LMS


    Step 2

    Click the inverted triangle located at the right side of the screen. It is beside your avatar.


    Step 3

    Choose Profile in the dropdown.


    Step 4

    Select Details and Click Edit profile

    4 1

    Step 5

    In the First name section, include your middle initial


    Step 6

    Scroll down and click Update profile


    Step 7

    Go back again and click Site Home. Click the Day 1 – 5 activity and re-download your digital certificate. It will reflect your corrected name as indicated in the profile you edited.

    The instruction on the first part is for the general access especially for users with no DepEd email address.

    Since the DepEd LMS is linked with DepEd Commons as it is authenticated, you need to edit there the profile to avoid returning back to a name without middle name.

    Step 1

    Got to and click login button.


    Step 2

    Click Login as Teaching or Non-Teaching Personnel.


    Step 3

    Click Continue with Google Account. Provide your DepEd email address.


    Step 4

    On the upper right side of the screen, click the area where you locate your email address and select Edit Account.


    Step 5

    For First name, indicate your  middle initial since that is the only sector box identified in the DepEd LMS.


    Step 6

    Click the Update button.



    This time you will not update your profile from time to time in the DepEd LMS because you edit the profile from DepEd Commons as it is the basis for authenticating your account.

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    You learned that the system is interconnected with one another.

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