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GSIS GFAL Application Takes it Forever to be Evaluated

GSIS GFAL Application Takes it Forever to be Evaluated

Just recently, many teachers opt to redeem their loans from the different private institutions by availing of the GSIS GFAL. The application process of this type of loan was done smoothly without delay before the burst of this pandemic but now, it is a total waste of time to try to avail of this type of loan.

I have tried to avail this and unluckily, up until now I still haven’t heard of any update as to how my application goes. This is a common problem with GSIS, even before the pandemic it takes for them many days to process any applications. When it comes to the deductions of their active member’s loan, they are very quick to deduct from the payslip but it comes to application, it takes them forever to process without any updates.

My application was submitted last Sept. 23, 2020, and up until to this very hour, there is no update. I message their email address for I think five times already and guess what, the same reply every message and the reply “your message is acknowledged and is forwarded to the evaluator”. I understand that they cannot entertain all their clients at once since there may be many of us who also wish to avail of this GFAL but I think they have to organize their process. I forgot to mention that during the date I submitted the application, together with my application was three others from my school and I was the one who brought their envelopes and drops in the dropbox intended for it. Two of my colleagues were already messaged by GSIS but how come my application is not yet evaluated when in fact I was the one who drops it all together on the same date? I was thinking, how did it happen? Are they not following the first received first evaluated basis? Are they just randomly picking out the envelopes for evaluation without looking out the dates it was submitted? I just don’t know, I felt as if I was in a queue line and then somebody who just arrived inserted in the line, this is what I am feeling right now. Unluckily, because of this pandemic, I cannot just simply go to the branch and ask directly because there are protocols to be followed. We are not allowed to enter the premises when it is not really urgent and the instruction is that we have to communicate online. This is what happened now, I am still waiting and not knowing if I can avail it or not.

This is why I don’t like to avail of any government loan before because I know for sure the struggles in completing the needed requirements and the hassle of going back and forth from one place to another just to get the necessary signatures (like what happened when we applied for this GFAL), and when I finally decided to push through with this application, it so happened that I was not convinced by their service. Now, I decided to withdraw my GFAL application and find other means to help me get through with the project that I thought will be completed once I availed the GFAL but unluckily, I am disappointed. Well, my experience may not be true to your experiences since we have different branches of GSIS. It so happened that our branch here may be lacking in personnel (or is it?) that caused the delay of the evaluation.

I just wished that GSIS authority will see to it to give the best service to its members. This is a humble call to all of those who are working in GSIS. Please prioritize your members and explain to them clearly this and that. After all, if we (your members) just have a choice of our own, we will not opt to be your member and instead, find other agency that will give us an assurance that our remittances for how many years will not go to waste when we are old and weary. Why is it so hard for you to update your members through text or email when the internet and social media are on our way? We only want to be updated so that we won’t have to wait for your unsure decision like a month. Why is that when a member can’t update his/her loan immediately, you will be very quick to double the interest of his/her loan and deduct it from the payslip automatically? But if members try to avail it takes too long for you to process?

But then again, I am not referring to all branches since this may vary from one place to another, but if the agency itself will look forward to the welfare of the members, then the members will surely appreciate the effort. – Clea | Helpline PH

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